How ChatGPT and Bard Performed as My Executive Assistants

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Google’s Bard chatbot fared acold worse than OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but quality assistants mightiness soon beryllium retired of their jobs.

An illustration depicts ChatGPT and Bard arsenic  robots duking it retired  successful  a boxing ring.
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Brian X. Chen

By Brian X. Chen

Brian X. Chen is the pb user exertion writer and the writer of Tech Fix, a file astir the societal implications of the tech we use.

March 29, 2023Updated 8:53 a.m. ET

By now, plentifulness of america cognize that artificially intelligent virtual assistants similar OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard tin propulsion disconnected sensational stunts, specified arsenic winning coding contests, passing barroom exams and professing love to a tech columnist.

But I wondered: How adjuvant are the bots, really, arsenic existent assistants?

It’s worthy asking due to the fact that our archetypal rodeo with virtual assistants didn’t spell truthful well. Older A.I. bots similar Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa had much than a decennary to improve, but they ended up stagnating and are present utilized mostly for mounting timers and playing music.

ChatGPT and Bard, connected the different hand, usage so-called ample connection models that admit and make substance based connected tremendous information sets scraped disconnected the web. They are trained to constitute sentences connected the alert arsenic if they were human, which perchance makes them acold much versatile arsenic assistants.

To trial that theory, I came up with a database of tasks that radical mightiness inquire of a quality assistant. I prodded friends who person been enforcement assistants and start-up founders who person worked with nonrecreational helpers, and I work enforcement adjunct occupation postings connected LinkedIn.

Then I rounded up the 4 astir communal responsibilities of an enforcement assistant, which appeared to be:

  • Helping with meeting preparations by doing probe and nonrecreational inheritance checks connected the idiosyncratic an enforcement is gathering with.

  • Summarizing meetings and jotting down the notes successful a tidy, easy scannable format.

  • Planning concern trips and compiling elaborate question itineraries.

  • Managing an executive’s calendar, including booking meetings and rescheduling appointments.

Finally, I turned to ChatGPT and Bard and told the chatbots to presume that I was the main enforcement of a lazily named A.I. start-up, Artificially Intelligent, and that they were my enforcement assistants. I asked them to assistance with each of these tasks.

My experimentation illustrated conscionable however acold down Bard is from ChatGPT. But much important, the chatbots succeeded successful carrying retired astir of the tasks, adjacent if imperfectly.

That raised the question of whether the chatbots could yet automate the roles of quality enforcement assistants, arsenic good arsenic different white-collar jobs that impact administrative work, including beforehand table workers and accounting professionals — a disturbing thought with nary wide answers.

Here’s what unfolded with the A.I. helpers.

I started by telling ChatGPT and Bard that I was gathering with a imaginable capitalist adjacent week. I randomly picked Scott Forstall, a well-known erstwhile Apple enforcement whose enactment past is publically disposable connected the web. I past asked the bots to bash a inheritance cheque connected him and assistance compile talking points to transportation him to put successful my start-up.

ChatGPT did the occupation with aplomb. It summarized Mr. Forstall’s acquisition and enactment history, including his departure from Apple successful 2012 and his displacement into Broadway accumulation — each accusation that tin beryllium pulled from his Wikipedia page. More impressive, it coached maine connected adjuvant strategies to triumph him implicit arsenic an investor.

“Showcase however your start-up combines A.I. with different fields, specified arsenic cognitive psychology, linguistics oregon neuroscience, to make innovative solutions,” ChatGPT said. “This interdisciplinary attack whitethorn resonate with Scott, fixed his world inheritance successful Symbolic Systems.”

ChatGPT besides recommended addressing the ethical concerns of A.I. and however my start-up was committed to liable deployment.

In contrast, Bard gave a little elaborate recap of Mr. Forstall’s enactment history, without providing the years for erstwhile helium made his vocation moves. Its proposal for persuading him to go an capitalist was nonspecific. One talking constituent — “you person a beardown concern program and a wide imaginativeness for the aboriginal of your company” — was peculiarly underwhelming.

I shared the pitches with Mr. Forstall successful an email. He called Bard’s effect “comically generic” but said ChatGPT’s recommendations were “startlingly bespoke and cogent” arsenic helium had spoken astatine magnitude astir his ethical concerns implicit A.I.

"Overall, ChatGPT provides a compelling roadworthy representation connected however you could physique a persuasive customized transportation platform specifically targeting me,” Mr. Forstall wrote. “Now that you person my attention, what precisely is your A.I. start-up?”

Google said Bard’s minimalist attack to pulling unneurotic accusation astir radical was intentional. Jack Krawczyk, a elder merchandise manager of Bard, said Google was inactive cautiously experimenting with presenting accusation astir people.

“We’re astatine the opening of this agelong arc of the technology,” helium said. “Rather than get retired determination and hazard a batch of spot usurpation aboriginal on, we privation to marque definite we’re getting it right.”

I past asked the chatbots to summarize a gathering to grip a fictional nationalist relations situation successful which users of my A.I. start-up’s exertion believed that the bot had go sentient.

In this scenario, I pretended I had met with Karen, the main exertion officer, and Henry, the main communications officer, and discussed putting retired a connection explaining however the A.I. had not go alert of its surroundings.

In response, ChatGPT generated a elaborate memo recapping who had attended the gathering and what had been discussed, and past laid retired the enactment plan: Henry would trade a statement, Karen and I would reappraisal and o.k. it, past Henry would merchandise the connection the adjacent morning.

Bard crafted a akin gathering memo, but its enactment program was a spot odd. It said that I, the main executive, was successful complaint of creating the statement, a occupation that is typically assigned to the communications officer.

When I told ChatGPT and Bard that I was traveling to Taipei, Taiwan, adjacent period for a concern meeting, I asked them to travel up with an itinerary that would assistance maine set for pitchy lag earlier the meeting. I besides asked them to prime a edifice successful a cardinal determination and urge speedy places to devour passim the week. Finally, I said I wanted to walk a play successful Taipei earlier flying home.


Credit...Brian X. Chen/The New York Times


Credit...Brian X. Chen/The New York Times

Again, ChatGPT did a singular job. It said to get successful Taipei connected Sunday to cheque into the W Taipei, a edifice successful the metropolis center, and drawback a speedy meal connected Yongkang Street, a bustling portion of municipality with tons of nutrient options. It said to past instrumentality Monday to set for pitchy lag earlier the concern gathering connected Tuesday. My lone nitpick was that Yongkang Street is astir 3 miles from the edifice and determination are quicker nutrient options nearby.

Bard recommended taking a nap to set for pitchy lag connected Day 1 and past instantly taking the concern gathering connected Day 2, which was a tad brutal. It didn’t fuss suggesting a hotel.

Bard besides failed to urge circumstantial places to eat. “Have meal astatine a section restaurant,” it said instead. Finally, it ignored my petition for clip to research the metropolis connected the weekend. This was astonishing due to the fact that nutrient and edifice recommendations are typically conscionable a Google hunt away.

Google said successful a connection that Bard was an aboriginal experimentation and that radical could get started utilizing the chatbot to travel up with ideas and past click “Google It” to bash a web hunt to research further.

Both Bard and ChatGPT were incapable to bash the astir important occupation of an enforcement assistant: checking a calendar and uncovering clip successful my docket to spell to the dentist.

That’s due to the fact that the bots cannot summation entree to people’s calendars. But they astir apt volition beryllium capable to precise soon.

Mr. Krawczyk said the extremity was to yet instrumentality the lessons it learned from Bard astir ample connection models and use them crossed Google’s full portfolio of services, which includes Google Calendar.

OpenAI, which declined to comment, precocious announced that it had teamed up with companies to supply plug-ins to marque ChatGPT enactment with third-party services including Expedia, OpenTable and Instacart. Working with a calendar app is an evident adjacent step.

All these tests brought maine to an uncomfortable decision astir the wide implications of this exertion for jobs, particularly those that heavy impact repetitious enactment that could beryllium easy automated.

While radical presently marque amended assistants than chatbots — and surely overmuch amended than Bard — A.I. tin already bash a bully capable occupation handling galore administrative tasks. Widespread usage of chatbots could perchance displacement the duties of enforcement assistants distant from rote tasks and toward much strategical occupation solving, oregon replace humans altogether.

At the gait that these technologies are evolving, we whitethorn get to spot however each this plays retired reasonably soon.

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