How to Play As Master Hand in Smash Bros. Melee

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Since its merchandise successful 2001, Super Smash Bros. Melee has had the aforesaid static, classical roster of 26 iconic Nintendo characters. If you’re a Melee fan, you apt cognize the database by heart. Little did we know, however, that the roster really includes an other iconic subordinate of the Nintendo family: nary different than Master Hand himself.

Master Hand, for the uninitiated, serves arsenic the main Smash Bros. nemesis. While there’s surely nary accordant storyline among each 5 main games, Master Hand has been determination from the beginning: He is the last brag successful the 1P Game successful the archetypal Smash Bros., arsenic good arsenic Classic Mode successful Melee, Brawl, Smash Bros. 4, arsenic good arsenic parts of Ultimate. He besides plays a large portion successful some The Subspace Emissary storyline successful Brawl and World of Light in Ultimate.

In fact, Master Hand is the archetypal quality ever shown successful a Smash Bros. game—when you footwear up the archetypal connected the N64 (or your emulator of choice) the opening cinematic shows Master Hand placing a Yoshi doll and a Samus doll connected a desk, mounting the scene, past counting down earlier snapping his fingers to officially statesman a battle.

While Master Hand has ever played a relation successful the Smash Bros. series, helium was ne'er a quality you could combat with. No substance however galore battles you fought, nary substance however galore crippled modes you defeated, Master Hand was ne'er 1 of the unlockable characters presented arsenic a reward. That said, determination was a rumor floating astir that Master Hand was so a hidden quality you could play as: Sure, it could’ve been a myth, the aforesaid mode Mew wasn’t truly hidden underneath the motortruck successful Vermillion City. But, arsenic it turns out, Master Hand is nary specified myth. There truly is simply a mode to play arsenic the quality successful Melee.

This extremity archetypal landed connected my radar acknowledgment to the TikTok relationship Moonshine Gaming. In their TikTok connected the subject, they amusement disconnected precisely however to play arsenic Master Hand in Melee. Here’s what you request to do:

You’ll request 2 controllers—one plugged into Player 1 and 1 plugged into Player 3. Next, spell to VS. Mode > Melee, take immoderate quality for Player 1, past spot the cursor implicit the Back fastener successful the apical right. For Player 3, don’t take a character: Select the blank P3 section, past hover the cursor implicit the “Name Entry” option. Finally, property the A fastener connected some controllers simultaneously: If you’re capable to prime a level, you’re in. Pick a stage, and Master Hand volition look arsenic Player 3's character.

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Unfortunately, controls present are limited. You can’t determination Master Hand astir excessively much, but you tin utilize his full determination acceptable via the D-Pad and assorted GameCube buttons. The champion part, though, is Master Hand cannot die, meaning immoderate lucifer you usage him for is fundamentally a win. As such, you won’t beryllium playing arsenic Master Hand astatine immoderate Smash tournaments, but you could outpouring the quality connected an unsuspecting friend. At first, they’ll astir apt marvel astatine learning thing caller astir Melee, earlier that marvel turns to fury upon their inevitable defeat.

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