How to Polish Your Car (and Why You Should)

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In summation to what’s nether the hood, your car’s resale oregon trade-in worth besides takes the quality of its exterior into account. Along with washing it regularly, you should besides purpose to polish it once oregon doubly a year—although due to the fact that it’s abrasive (to varying degrees, depending connected the cut), nary much often than that.

So what, exactly, does polishing bash to your car, and however bash you get the occupation done astatine home? Here’s what to know.

The benefits of polishing your car

Before getting started, you whitethorn beryllium wondering whether it’s worthy the clip and effort it takes to polish your car. In short: Yes. That’s due to the fact that polishing your car comes with benefits including:

  • Extending the beingness of your car’s overgarment occupation by getting escaped of stubborn ungraded that tin beryllium near down aft washing.
  • Helping to region oxidized paint.
  • Helping information and support the paintwork, preventing it from drying, cracking, oregon peeling.

How to polish a car by hand

While immoderate radical opt to person their conveyance professionally detailed, oregon person invested successful their ain orbital buffer, contiguous we’re going to absorption connected hand-polishing.

Before selecting a polish, fig retired if your car has hard oregon brushed paint. While harder overgarment tin grip a much abrasive polish, cars with softer overgarment should lone beryllium polished with a finer, less-gritty, product.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Wash and past thoroughly adust your car.
  2. Put a tiny magnitude of polish connected either a foam applicator pad, oregon a clean, adust microfiber cloth.
  3. Apply the polish successful a circulation question to 1 tiny conception of your car.
  4. When you decorativeness that section, spell implicit it with a caller clean, adust microfiber cloth to region immoderate excess polish.
  5. Repeat this process, going section-by-section, until you’ve polished the full vehicle.
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