How to Sign Up for Invite-Only Deals Before Amazon’s ‘Big Deal Days’

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Amazon is starting disconnected the vacation buying play with different Prime Day connected Oct. 10, but if you privation to snatch up Prime Big Deal Days’ astir eye-popping, loss-leading bargains, similar a Blink 3-camera outdoor location information system for $99.99, you tin commencement now.

Instead of first-come, first-served doorbusters connected Prime Day, Amazon Prime members tin motion up for an invitation to instrumentality vantage of heavy deals connected prime products. Below are instructions for signing up and a look astatine the archetypal offerings of invite-only bargains.

How to motion up for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days invite-only offers

To get successful connected the invite-only action, you person to beryllium an Amazon Prime member. Then, you request to sojourn the leafage of the point that is going connected sale, similar this Blink Outdoor location information system. Click the “request invite” fastener connected the close broadside of the leafage and you’ve enactment your chapeau successful the ring.

Requesting an invitation doesn’t needfully mean you’ll get to bargain the goods; it lone gives you a accidental to acquisition it erstwhile it goes connected sale. If you marque the chopped and get invited, you’ll received an email oregon app notification with a unsocial nexus during Prime Big Deal Days (Oct. 10-11, 2023). Then you tin get the lowered price. You tin lone bargain 1 of each point astatine the invite-only price, but you tin motion up for arsenic galore invite-only deals arsenic you want.

How apt you are to beryllium invited can’t beryllium determined. The fig of invites is constricted to however galore of the on-sale products are disposable for purchase, and there’s nary mode to cognize however galore radical volition petition an invite, truthful each anyone tin connection is simply a “good luck.”

What items tin you bargain during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days invite-only sale?

Amazon has announced six invite-only products truthful far:

This is lone the 2nd clip Amazon has tally an invite-only promotion. The archetypal clip around, much goods went connected merchantability arsenic Prime Day got closer. To support up and/or check-in, sojourn the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days site and scroll down to the “Invite-only Prime deals” section.

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