How to Use AI to Edit and Generate Stunning Photos

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Credit...Charles Desmarais

Brian X. Chen

Hello! Welcome backmost to On Tech: A.I., a pop-up newsletter that teaches you astir artificial intelligence, however it works and however to usage it.

In past week’s newsletter, I shared the golden prompts for getting the astir adjuvant answers from chatbots similar ChatGPT, Bing and Bard. Now that you’re acquainted with the wide rule of gathering a narration with A.I. — the much circumstantial and elaborate instructions you give, the amended results you’ll get — let’s determination connected to a somewhat antithetic realm.

Much of the hype and fears astir generative A.I. has been astir text. But determination person besides been accelerated and melodramatic developments successful systems that tin make images. In galore cases, these stock a akin operation to text-based generative A.I., but they tin besides beryllium overmuch weirder — and lend themselves to immoderate precise amusive originative pursuits.

Image generators are trained connected billions of images, which alteration them to nutrient caller creations that were erstwhile the sole dominion of painters and different artists. Sometimes experts can’t archer the quality betwixt A.I.-created images and existent photographs (a condition that has fueled unsafe misinformation campaigns successful summation to amusive creations). And these tools are already changing the mode that creative professionals bash their jobs.

Compared to products similar ChatGPT, representation generating A.I. tools are not arsenic good developed. They necessitate jumping done a fewer much hoops, and whitethorn outgo a spot of money. But if you’re funny successful learning the ropes there’s nary amended clip to start.

Last week, Adobe added a generative A.I. diagnostic into a beta mentation of Photoshop, its iconic graphics software, and creators connected societal networks similar TikTok and Instagram person been buzzing astir it ever since.

I person a just magnitude of acquisition with Photoshop. When I tested the caller feature, called “generative fill,” I was impressed with however rapidly and competently the A.I. carried retired tasks that would person taken maine astatine slightest an hr to bash connected my own. In little than 5 minutes and with lone a fewer clicks, I utilized the diagnostic to region objects, adhd objects and swap backgrounds.

(To experimentation with these tools yourself, commencement by signing up for a escaped proceedings of Adobe Creative Suite. Then, instal the caller Adobe Photoshop beta, which includes generative fill.)

Once you person Photoshop beta installed, import a photograph and effort these tricks:

  • To alteration a background, click the “object selection” icon (it has an arrow pointed astatine a box), past nether the Select menu, click “inverse” to prime the background. Next click the “generative fill” container and benignant successful a punctual — oregon permission it blank to fto Photoshop travel up with a caller inheritance conception for you.

    I utilized these steps to edit a photograph of my corgi, Max. I typed “kennel” for the prompt, and clicked “generate" to regenerate the background. Here’s the earlier (left) and after.


Credit...Brian X. Chen/The New York Times


Credit...Brian X. Chen/The New York Times
  • To region objects, usage the lasso tool. In this photograph of my motorcycle, I wanted to erase a tractor down a obstruction successful the background. I traced astir the tractor, and past I clicked the “generative fill” container and deed “generate” without entering a prompt. The bundle correctly removed the tractor and filled successful the inheritance portion leaving the obstruction intact.


Credit...Brian X. Chen/The New York Times


Credit...Brian X. Chen/The New York Times

Photo editors astatine The New York Times bash not heighten oregon change photos, oregon make images utilizing artificial intelligence. But my archetypal thought aft investigating generative capable was that photograph editors moving successful different contexts, similar marketing, could beryllium soon retired of work. When I shared this theory with Adobe’s main exertion officer, Ely Greenfield, helium said that it mightiness marque photograph editing much accessible, but helium was optimistic that humans would inactive beryllium needed.

“I tin marque truly beauteous images with it, but frankly, I inactive marque boring images,” helium said. “When I look astatine the contented that artists make erstwhile you enactment this successful their hands versus what I create, their worldly is truthful overmuch much absorbing due to the fact that they cognize however to archer a story.”

I confess that what I’ve done with generative capable is acold little breathtaking than what others person been posting connected societal media. Lorenzo Green, who tweets astir A.I., posted a collage of celebrated medium covers, including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Adele’s “21” that were expanded with generative fill. The results were rather entertaining.

(One note: If installing Photoshop feels daunting, a quicker mode to trial Adobe’s A.I. is to sojourn the Adobe Firefly website. There, you tin unfastened the generative capable tool, upload an representation and click the “add” instrumentality to hint astir a subject, specified arsenic a dog. Then click “background” and benignant successful a punctual similar “beach.”)

Tools similar DALL-E and Midjourney tin make wholly caller images successful seconds. They enactment likewise to chatbots: You benignant successful a substance punctual — the much specific, the better.

To constitute a prime prompt, commencement with the mean you’d similar to emulate, followed by the taxable and immoderate other details. For example, typing “a photograph of a feline wearing a sweater successful a brightly lit room” successful the DALL-E punctual box volition make thing similar this:


Credit...Brian Chen/The New York Times

DALL-E, which is owned by Open AI, the shaper of ChatGPT, was 1 of the archetypal wide disposable A.I. representation generators that was elemental for radical to use. For $15, you get 115 credits; 1 recognition tin beryllium utilized to make a acceptable of 4 images.

Midjourney, different fashionable representation generator, is simply a enactment successful progress, truthful the idiosyncratic acquisition is not arsenic polished. The work costs $10 a month, and entering prompts tin beryllium a small much complicated, due to the fact that it requires joining a abstracted messaging app, Discord. Nonetheless, the task tin make high-quality, realistic images.

To usage it, join Discord and past request an invitation to the Midjourney server. After joining the server, wrong the chat box, benignant “/imagine” followed by a prompt. I typed “/imagine a manga screen of a corgi successful a ninja turtle costume” and generated a acceptable of convincing images:

Though it’s good to benignant successful a basal request, immoderate person recovered obscure prompts that generated exceptional results (Beebom, a tech blog, has a database of examples). At Columbia University, Lance Weiler is teaching students however to leverage A.I., including Midjourney, to nutrient artwork.

Whichever instrumentality you use, carnivore successful caput that the onus is connected you to usage this tech responsibly. Technologists pass that representation generators tin summation the dispersed of deepfakes and misinformation. But the tools tin besides beryllium utilized successful affirmative and constructive ways, similar making household photos look amended and brainstorming creator concepts.

Next week, I’ll stock immoderate tips connected however to usage A.I. to velocity up aspects of bureau jobs, specified arsenic drafting talking points and generating presumption slides.

In lawsuit you’re wondering, the delightfully demented representation astatine the apical of this newsletter was created by a quality — the illustrator Charles Desmarais — not by an A.I.

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