Hugh Grant damages claim against Sun publisher to go to trial

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A damages assertion brought by Hugh Grant against the steadfast of the Sun implicit allegations of unlawful accusation gathering volition spell to proceedings aft a ruling by a precocious tribunal judge, though the actor’s phone-hacking claims against the institution volition not beryllium among the issues earlier the court.

Grant has alleged that radical moving for the institution burgled his level and placed a tracking instrumentality successful his car – arsenic good arsenic tapping his landline and hacking his voicemails – successful an effort to find stories astir his idiosyncratic life.

While Mr Justice Fancourt ruled connected Friday that overmuch of the assertion could proceed, helium said Grant had had ample accidental already to rise the allegations relating to telephone hacking.

In his witnesser connection to the tribunal successful April, Grant said his allegations against the Sun included “burglaries to order, the breaking and entering of backstage spot successful bid to get backstage accusation done bugging, landline tapping, telephone hacking and the usage of backstage investigators to bash each these and different amerciable things against me”.

He claimed that, successful 2011, his London level was breached into, with the beforehand doorway being forced disconnected its hinges, but thing was stolen. A communicative successful the Sun the adjacent day, helium said, “detailed the interior of the flat, including the signs of a home row”.

Grant insisted helium had had nary consciousness astatine the clip that the Sun mightiness beryllium down the incident.

He besides claimed successful his grounds that the Sun utilized backstage investigators to interruption into addresses linked to his movie accumulation institution and his ex-girlfriend Liz Hurley during the 2000s. He said the burglaries were carried retired with the “knowledge and approval” of the elder Murdoch enforcement Rebekah Brooks, who was past the exertion of the Sun.

On Friday the justice said: “It was lone connected seeing invoices disclosed successful NGN’s [News Group Newspaper’s] generic disclosure successful 2021 that Mr Grant believed that backstage investigators (PIs) had been instructed by the Sun to people him successful assorted ways, peculiarly successful 2011.

“Although Mr Grant was alert anterior to March 2016 of wide allegations astir usage of PIs to get information, determination is successful my judgement a realistic accidental that Mr Grant whitethorn found astatine proceedings that, though helium was alert of wide allegations and was suspicious, helium could not reasonably person believed with capable assurance that helium whitethorn person been targeted by PIs instructed by the Sun successful immoderate of the applicable ways.

“Sufficient cognition oregon content that NGN’s denials of telephone hacking were mendacious does not needfully mean that Mr Grant believed astatine that clip that NGN had utilized antithetic methods of UIG [unlawful accusation gathering] targeted astatine him. That contented volition person to beryllium tried.”

A spokesperson for NGN said: “NGN is pleased that, pursuing our application, the precocious tribunal has ruled that Mr Grant is statute barred from bringing a phone-hacking assertion against the Sun.

“The remainder of his claim, which has been brought pursuing a connection made by [the backstage investigator] Mr Gavin Burrows successful 2021, has been allowed to proceed to trial. NGN powerfully denies the assorted humanities allegations of unlawful information-gathering contained successful what remains of Mr Grant’s claim.”

Grant has already settled a assertion against NGN implicit telephone hacking astatine the News of the World. This is simply a abstracted assertion and refers to the now-defunct title’s regular sister.

NGN lawyers tried to halt the latest assertion going to trial, saying Grant had taken excessively agelong to record it. The histrion argued that the clip taken was owed to the institution concealing its employees’ behaviour.

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