Hurricane Fiona: Canadians brace for flooding and outages

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Workers region   fallen trees from the road  aft  Hurricane Fiona successful  the Dominican Republic.Image source, Getty Images

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Workers region fallen trees from the road successful the northeast of the Dominican Republic aft Hurricane Fiona connected 21 September

Hurricane Fiona has pummelled Bermuda with dense rains and winds aboriginal Friday connected its mode up to Canada's Atlantic coast.

Officials successful Canada person urged residents successful the country's eastbound provinces to hole for coastal flooding and powerfulness outages.

Fiona is expected to deed Canada's shores by Saturday morning.

Florida besides faces a hurricane menace aft a abstracted tropical cyclone formed successful the Caribbean Sea.

Tropical Depression Nine is successful its aboriginal stages and is moving connected a way that could bring it to Florida adjacent week arsenic Hurricane Hermine, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Fiona, present a Category 3 storm, had already wreaked havoc connected Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic earlier this week, and galore are inactive near with nary powerfulness oregon moving water.

Five radical person died crossed the Caribbean: 1 successful Guadeloupe, 2 successful Puerto Rico and 2 successful the Dominican Republic.

In Bermuda, Hurricane Fiona forced schools and offices to close.

The National Hurricane Center has said Fiona's maximum sustained winds could deed 130 mph (215 kph).

Canadian officials and meteorologists are urging residents to brace themselves for the storm's interaction arsenic it reaches the Atlantic provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

The portion could person up to six to 10 inches of rain, expanding the hazard of flash flooding.

Shelters person been prepared successful Halifax and Cape Breton successful Nova Scotia for radical to instrumentality screen up of the storm.

"Every Nova Scotian should beryllium preparing," said John Lohr, the curate liable for exigency preparedness successful the province, successful a Thursday property conference.

Mr Lohr added the tempest whitethorn beryllium "very dangerous".

"The tempest is expected to bring terrible and damaging upwind gusts, precise precocious waves, and coastal tempest surges, aggravated and unsafe rainfall rates and prolonged powerfulness outages," Mr Lohr said.

Severe hurricanes successful Canada are rare, arsenic storms suffer their vigor erstwhile they deed colder waters successful the northbound and go post-tropical instead. But unit successful the portion is predicted to beryllium historically debased arsenic Hurricane Fiona hits, making mode for a heavier storm.

Nova Scotia was past battered by a tropical cyclone successful 2003 with Hurricane Juan, a Category 2 tempest that killed 2 radical and heavy damaged structures and vegetation.

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