‘I got a bit drunk with the twins’: Toy Story 2’s Lee Unkrich on his obsession with The Shining

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‘Are you OK? Is it excessively scary? We tin permission if you request to …” It was May 1980. I was astir 13 years old, sitting successful an Ohio movie theatre with my parent watching Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. She was close to beryllium concerned; precisely 2 years earlier she had taken maine to spot Larry Cohen’s fearfulness movie It Lives Again – his sequel to It’s Alive – and the acquisition had caused much than a twelvemonth of traumatic, recurring nightmares. As a result, I had since avoided immoderate scary movies (or adjacent their trailers). So it was risky for her to instrumentality maine to spot different fearfulness movie that aboriginal summertime evening.

Little did she cognize that she was changing the people of my life. The Shining penetrated my psyche successful a mode I had ne'er experienced, and it was intoxicating. Like Danny Torrance, I was an lone kid whose parents were entangled successful a dysfunctional marriage. I besides spent galore hours location alone, my location filled with affluent fodder for my imagination: a shadowy crawlspace, a statue of a small miss that I was definite was alive, and the insecurity and numb panic that comes from watching your parents’ matrimony unravel.

‘It was intoxicating’ … Lee Unkrich.
‘It was intoxicating’ … Lee Unkrich. Photograph: Valérie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

Several days aboriginal I was being driven to Indiana for a period distant astatine summertime camp. We stopped for state astatine a work station, and I went wrong to bargain a snack. On a rotating rack of paperbacks, a agleam yellowish screen caught my eye: it was the movie tie-in variation of King’s novel. I bought it and spent the remainder of the summertime speechmaking and rereading it voraciously. It transported maine backmost to the labyrinthian hallways of the Overlook Hotel, the wintertime upwind howling outside. But determination were caller scenes, caller moments, caller details – the caller expanded the satellite beyond the movie. I discovered that determination were tremendous differences betwixt the 2 versions, but I loved them equally.

In the centre of my well-worn paperback was a postulation of black-and-white stills from the film. I pored implicit them again and again, and it yet occurred to maine that 1 of the stills was not from a country I remembered: it was a changeable of Wendy preparing meal successful the Overlook’s kitchen. My thoughts raced; if determination was a country successful the movie that was changeable – but not utilized – could determination beryllium others? I visited my section room successful hunt of accusation astir the making of the movie but recovered adjacent to nothing. The lone happening I yet got my hands connected was the film’s screenplay, which I ordered from a Hollywood publication company. My bosom thudded erstwhile the envelope arrived successful our mailbox: astatine past I was going to get a glimpse of scenes that had been written and changeable but not utilized successful the finished film.

To my dismay, the screenplay proved to beryllium what is called a “continuity script” –merely a transcription of the finished mentation – and revealed nary secrets. As clip passed, I became much and much obsessed with The Shining. The much I rewatched my Betamax videocassette, the much I grew to admit the creator down the film. Who was this Stanley Kubrick? Had helium directed different movies? At the dawn of the video age, I watched A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the remainder of Kubrick’s films with abandon.

Then thing unusual happened: I felt I was experiencing reverse echoes of The Shining successful Kubrick’s earlier films – small details, specified arsenic his compositional framing, his usage of music, the mannered performances, and the slow, deliberate gait of his editing. I realised that a manager could person a peculiar style, and that that benignant could permeate each of their films. It was The Shining and Kubrick’s full oeuvre that led maine to 1 conclusion: I needed to nonstop movies.

Fast guardant many, galore years, and I was fortunate to find myself directing diagnostic films astatine Pixar Animation Studios. Around the clip I was making Toy Story 2 I started a website devoted to The Shining. It was portion directing Toy Story 3 that I learned that Kubrick’s household had donated a trove of materials to the London College of Communication, establishing the Stanley Kubrick Archive. Later, portion successful London to beforehand the merchandise of Toy Story 3, I got the accidental to locomotion done the frosted solid doorway of the archive and spent days combing done its extended holdings. I was yet capable to work the galore drafts of Kubrick and Diane Johnson’s script, arsenic good arsenic sift done continuity photographs from scenes that had been deleted from the film.

I got a spot  drunk with Lisa and Louise Burns … Lee Unkrich.
I got a spot drunk with Lisa and Louise Burns … Lee Unkrich. Photograph: AJ Pics/Alamy

I had spent 30 years dreaming of a infinitesimal similar this.

I past had an epiphany: portion galore books had been published that analysed The Shining and its imaginable meanings, small to thing had been written astir the making of the film. Perhaps I could bring that publication into the world. I treasure the galore memories I person of creating it with my chap writer Jonathan Rinzler (who sadly died of pancreatic crab specified months earlier its completion). Spending a time reminiscing with Shelley Duvall astatine a Red Lobster edifice successful Texas, getting a spot drunk with the twins Lisa and Louise Burns astatine a pub successful London, and sharing a repast with Christiane Kubrick successful Childwickbury’s room portion sitting astatine the aforesaid array astatine which Jack sat and typed successful The Shining.

It’s the publication I agelong wished had been successful the world, and present it is.

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