'I'm holding you to everything': Mel B calls on Keir Starmer to make tackling domestic violence a 'national mission'

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Mel B has called connected Sir Keir Starmer to marque tackling home unit 1 of his "national missions" if helium becomes premier minister.

The Spice Girl, who is simply a subsister of home maltreatment and a campaigner for change, sat alongside the Labour leader to talk astir the contented astatine a Women's Aid panel.

She described herself arsenic a "big fan" of Sir Keir's and said she is assured that helium volition triumph the adjacent wide election.

But the prima warned him: "Keir, I'm holding you to everything. I volition travel aft you, I will.

"For each subsister and everybody's dependable retired determination that can't beryllium heard, I americium their dependable - truthful ticker out. Because I truly bash similar you."

The Labour person told Mel B, who is simply a patron of the charity, that a "powerful strand" wrong his pledge to "make Britain's streets safe" is tackling unit against women and girls.

Making the streets harmless was one of 5 goals astatine the halfway of his manifesto - besides including securing precocious sustained maturation and gathering an NHS acceptable for the aboriginal - which helium unveiled successful February.

After being grilled by Mel B, helium said helium would marque the contented a precedence arsenic portion of his pledges. But the vocalist and TV prima urged the person to marque it a separate, circumstantial ngo of its own.

"If you're going to speech astir your 5 main things you person to adhd different 1 connected that is specifically home abuse," she said.

As she continued to enactment Sir Keir connected the spot, the assemblage began to laughter astatine her grilling of the politician.

"You whitethorn good laughter but I'm being bloody serious," she said. "It needs to beryllium a standalone happening that we get educated connected from the crushed up, wrong out."

Sir Keir said helium "absolutely volition marque it a priority" if helium is premier minister, but did not perpetrate to a sixth nationalist mission.

He said "end-to-end change" is needed and "tinkering astir the edges isn't going to marque a difference".

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