I may not have long to live but I want three children

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By Angie Brown
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Ewan Bowlby and Karlee Lillywhite got engaged connected the Isle of Skye

Ewan Bowlby was conscionable 17 years aged erstwhile doctors recovered a tumour successful his encephalon pursuing months of seizures.

Ten years later, contempt galore operations and chemotherapy, the cancerous tumour has returned and helium whitethorn present not person agelong to live.

But the St Andrews University PhD pupil is acceptable to get joined to fiancee Karlee Lillywhite - and they program to person 3 children.

"It's what's keeping america excited and hopeful," says Ewan.

"I privation 3 kids due to the fact that I'm 1 of 3 and I truly similar it."

Ewan was fixed the quality successful January that helium present has a people 4 tumour, which is overmuch much assertive than the benign tumours helium had removed previously.

He and chap pupil Karlee, 30, are owed to wed successful St Andrews aboriginal this month. The mates met astir a twelvemonth agone successful a Zoom tutorial class.

They program to determination to Edinburgh, wherever they anticipation to commencement a family. Ewan's sperm was frozen earlier helium started his treatment.

"I whitethorn not person agelong to live, the aboriginal isn't definite and my clip could beryllium progressively short," said Ewan.

Image source, Ewan Bowlby

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Ewan and Karlee program to wed successful St Andrews wherever they met

Karlee, who is primitively from Folsom successful California, told BBC Scotland she was prepared.

"It is frightening to deliberation astir being near with kids connected my own.

"However, I've had a fewer idiosyncratic struggles earlier this which person made maine spot the instability of life. I besides person unthinkable enactment from household and friends.

"I americium a planner, but I've present travel to judge I can't hole for everything and that sometimes you person to play it by ear."

Ewan projected astatine the Fairy Glen successful Skye successful September past year.

"We formed a precise beardown enslaved precise rapidly due to the fact that we spent a batch of clip talking to each other. We didn't spot the constituent successful waiting to get engaged erstwhile we felt truthful powerfully astir wanting to walk the remainder of our lives together," helium said.

Image source, Ewan Bowlby

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Ewan with his dad, Chris Bowlby

Ewan had different narration from his schoolhouse days and passim his clip studying theology astatine Cambridge University.

"I ended it aft galore years due to the fact that it didn't consciousness close to impact idiosyncratic else, erstwhile I didn't cognize if I would beryllium live for overmuch longer to connection matrimony and kids.

"Things are antithetic present though with Karlee due to the fact that I've learned to beryllium vulnerable, to archer radical astir my illness, truthful she knew from the start. She accepted it and was blessed to enactment with me."

Ewan, who is primitively from Oxford successful England, had seizures for 9 months earlier doctors discovered helium had a people 2 astrocytoma connected his close frontal cortex.

Despite having respective encephalon operations, including 1 conscionable 3 months earlier his A-Level exams, helium got A grades and made it to university.

"I felt similar I was backmost connected way with my beingness and was precise excited to spell to university."

Image source, Ewan Bowlby

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Ewan Bowlby with his mum, Jane Harrison

But a twelvemonth into assemblage helium started becoming exhausted. His temper was debased and helium developed anxiety.

"The after-effects of country tin instrumentality a agelong clip to develop," helium said.

"I kept ploughing connected with my studies successful 2nd and 3rd twelvemonth but I spent a batch of clip indoors by myself and not socialising. It was precise hard."

He applied to bash a masters astatine St Andrews University but had to postpone it erstwhile a regular encephalon scan discovered his tumour had grown back.

They had to bash unfastened encephalon country portion helium was awake.

"It was sore. They sawed the apical of my caput disconnected and had my caput screwed into a metallic framework for 5 hours truthful I didn't move.

"I was awake truthful they could inquire maine to bash things specified arsenic talk and blink truthful they could spot whether insubstantial was the tumour oregon my brain," helium said.

Image source, Ewan Bowlby

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Ewan has had 5 encephalon operations

They sent immoderate of the tumour disconnected for investigation and that is erstwhile they recovered retired it was cancerous.

He felt good for 3 years and started a PhD successful the theology of crab care.

However, a scan recovered the tumour had grown again successful January.

"It was precise atrocious quality arsenic they said it had dispersed to antithetic parts of my brain"

He is present connected different circular of chemotherapy.

Image source, Ewan Bowlby

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Ewan Bowlby with his member Alfie

He has been going to the men's radical astatine Maggie's foundation crab attraction centre successful Dundee to assistance with his anxiety.

"It's a large mode to conscionable radical who are successful the aforesaid situation. The companionship and enactment is what has truly helped maine to travel to presumption with my situation."

Karen MacKinnon, the caput of Maggie's Dundee Centre, said surviving with uncertainty was 1 of the hardest aspects of surviving with cancer.

"It tin beryllium truthful hard to marque plans and deliberation astir the aboriginal erstwhile facing the chartless oregon knowing that clip is limited," she said.

"Many radical - some those with crab and those looking aft idiosyncratic with crab - tin besides acquisition utmost stress, fearfulness and anxiousness erstwhile reasoning astir what the aboriginal mightiness hold."

The centre is moving a caller run to item the enactment it offers to some the idiosyncratic and their household and friends.

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