IKEA Violated Your Privacy, Get Your Settlement

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IKEA, that beloved Swedish purveyor of flatpack furnishings and inexpensive meatballs, is successful immoderate blistery water. Not, not for the traces of equine DNA recovered successful their meatballs (not this time, anyway)—no, it’s owed to a class-action suit that recovered them liable for violating the privacy of perchance millions of customers implicit the people of 2 years.

IKEA was sued for printing receipts with that included conscionable capable outgo paper digits to interruption a national privateness law. According to the settlement, IKEA violated the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) by printing much than the past 5 digits of outgo paper numbers connected electronically printed receipts—between 2017 and 2019, the retailer printed the archetypal six and past 4 of paper numbers, perchance putting galore customers’ recognition accusation astatine risk. In the settlement, they agreed to wage $24.25 cardinal to the excavation of affected customers, which astir apt includes you.

Who qualifies for the IKEA settlement?

If you utilized a debit oregon recognition paper successful immoderate IKEA retail store betwixt Oct. 18, 2017, and Dec. 31, 2019 and received an electronically printed receipt (which is each of their receipts) displaying the archetypal six and past 4 digits of the outgo paper number, past you’re eligible to beryllium a people member.

While you bash not request to taxable impervious of a receipt, the claims head volition cheque the written accusation you supply connected the assertion signifier with transaction information from IKEA. If the accusation does not match, you volition not beryllium included arsenic a people member.

Some radical person already received an email oregon postcard astir the settlement. This means IKEA already indicated that you whitethorn beryllium a subordinate of the Settlement Class, per their records.

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The deadline to use for the assertion is May 4, 2023.

How overmuch tin I get for the settlement?

According to the settlement, the $24.25 cardinal volition beryllium divided arsenic betwixt each those who person a valid claim. They expect a 5% to 10% of those affected to record a claim, which would enactment people members successful the moving to person betwixt $30 and $60 for their troubles.

You tin file your assertion here. If you person questions astir the people enactment settlement, cheque retired the FAQs here.

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