In Myanmar, Atrocities Rise as Army Comes Under Pressure

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The rebellion against subject regularisation is gaining strength, and analysts accidental soldiers are responding with accrued brutality.

Dozens of slug  holes successful  the partition  of a monastery.
Bullet holes successful the partition of a Buddhist monastery adjacent the colony of Nanneint successful cardinal Myanmar. Rebels who are warring Myanmar’s service accidental they recovered 22 bodies determination connected Sunday.Credit...Pa-Oh National Defense Force-Kham Koung, via Associated Press

Richard C. Paddock

Published March 17, 2023Updated March 18, 2023, 9:49 a.m. ET

When the soldiers from Myanmar’s notorious service reached the colony of Nanneint, the residents fled. Some took refuge successful the basement of a adjacent Buddhist monastery.

“They thought the soldiers wouldn’t termination monks and radical wrong the monastery,” said 1 resident, Khun Htwe, who fled to different village.

But the monastery was nary sanctuary. On Sunday, taste rebels warring Myanmar’s subject authorities said they had recovered the bullet-riddled bodies of 22 radical there, slaughtered by the army.

A gruesome video taken by a combatant with the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force, posted connected Facebook, shows the victims lying connected bloodstained crushed oregon slumped against the monastery wall, which is pockmarked with dozens of slug holes. Among the dormant are 3 monks successful saffron robes.

“It appears they were lined up and changeable successful the head,” Khu Ree Du, a rebel worker who saw the bodies, said by telephone.

Since Myanmar’s service — which has a agelong past of atrocities against civilians — seized powerfulness 2 years ago, a absorption that began with peaceful protests has go an progressively well-armed rebellion. Analysts who travel the struggle accidental the service is coming nether unit arsenic the rebels summation strength, and that it is resorting to adjacent bloodier tactics, similar the killings adjacent Nanneint.

“Now we are talking beheadings, disembowelings and massacres, and this intelligibly reflects vexation and fury astatine tract level successful the military,” said Anthony Davis, a Bangkok-based information expert with the Jane’s radical of subject publications. “It besides reflects a broader strategy based connected terrorizing the resistance’s civilian enactment basal — which is to say, astir of the population.”

Ye Zaw, a doctor, said connected Thursday that each 22 victims astatine the monastery had been tortured, immoderate chopped oregon burned with cigarettes.

Most were changeable successful the caput astatine adjacent range, said Dr. Ye Zaw, who examined the bodies for the shadiness National Unity Government, which considers itself Myanmar’s morganatic government. Its quality rights minister, Aung Myo Min, said the victims were each civilians and called the killings “a warfare transgression committed by the military.”

The junta’s spokesman, Maj. Gen. Zaw Min Tun, said successful a connection that clashes began successful the Nanneint country earlier this month, erstwhile “terrorists” from extracurricular the portion took up positions and the subject tried to thrust them out.

“Misinformation was disseminated that villagers were killed,” helium said. The wide declined to instrumentality calls from The New York Times.

The struggle raging present is simply a acold outcry from the aboriginal absorption to the February 2021 coup. In those archetypal months, protesters fought soldiers and the constabulary with slingshots and aerial guns made with integrative pipe.


People successful Yangon, Myanmar, utilized slingshots against information forces successful March 2021 arsenic they protested against subject rule. The absorption is acold amended equipped now. Credit...The New York Times

After the demonstrations were crushed, galore protesters near the cities and allied themselves with equipped taste groups that had battled the subject for decades. Together, the taste armies and the much precocious formed Public Defense Force present clasp overmuch of the countryside, portion the subject controls the large municipality areas.








Irrawaddy R.



200 miles

Factories successful 2 areas held by taste armies manufacture battle rifles and grenade launchers, which person been spreading passim the country, Mr. Davis said. Other weapons, including M16s and M4s, are smuggled crossed the borderline from Thailand.

Drawing connected the expertise of engineers and tech experts who fled to rebel-held territory, a cottage manufacture has sprung up to nutrient IEDs and accommodate drones to driblet explosives connected force targets, Mr. Davis said.

“What we person seen implicit the past twelvemonth is simply a singular betterment successful the level of enactment and weaponry present utilized by absorption forces,” helium said. “It is inactive David and Goliath, but David is looking progressively cocky and combative.”

The Tatmadaw, arsenic the subject is called, is possibly astir infamous for its ruthless run against Rohingya Muslims successful 2017, which killed astatine slightest 24,000 radical and drove much than 700,000 crossed the borderline into Bangladesh, wherever astir inactive unrecorded successful squalid exile camps.

During the protests against the coup successful 2021, soldiers and the constabulary gunned down demonstrators and bystanders, including young children. Many were changeable successful the head. Last October, military jets bombed a concert successful Kachin State and killed 80.

With the Tatmadaw facing an progressively well-armed resistance, the authorities placed 40 townships nether martial law successful February, adding to the 10 that already had been. The declaration sent troops the connection that thing goes, Mr. Davis said.

Since then, determination has been a surge successful subject atrocities, including the beheading, disembowelment oregon dismemberment of astir 2 twelve rebels and civilians this period successful Sagaing Region.

“All these crimes are not specified quality rights abuses,” Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations, Kyaw Moe Tun, who was appointed earlier the coup, said successful a code to the General Assembly successful New York connected Thursday. “They are portion of the subject junta’s systematic, wide and coordinated attacks against the civilian population.” He held up photos of the bodies astatine the Nanneint monastery.

But Mr. Davis said the absorption was present excessively large and good equipped for the Tatmadaw to bring it to bottommost with accrued brutality.

“The subject is simply a ample and robust organization, but it is besides severely undermanned and overstretched, and evidently that creates vulnerabilities,” helium said. “It is hard to spot politically oregon militarily what much they tin bring to the fight.”


Members of the Ta’ang National Liberation Army, 1 of the galore equipped taste groups opposing Myanmar’s military, grooming astatine a basal campy successful Shan State this month. Credit...Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Tom Andrews, the United Nations peculiar rapporteur connected quality rights successful Myanmar, called for a coordinated planetary attack to the conflict, similar the conjugation supporting Ukraine against Russia’s invasion. “This is the forgotten war,” helium said successful an interview.

For soldiers to massacre monks and different civilians successful a monastery is simply a motion of however acold the junta is consenting to spell successful terrorizing the population, Mr. Andrews said.

“They are losing crushed and they recognize they are losing ground,” helium said.

He cited a leaked memo from a December meeting of elder junta officials, who concluded that the absorption was beyond their power and that rebel attacks would escalate this year. The papers was posted online by a Burmese-language quality outlet, Khit Thit Media.

According to the memo, officials said the absorption forces’ capabilities had grown truthful dramatically that alternatively of sneak attacks, they were staging artillery assaults with makeshift 107 mm rocket launchers. Officials besides complained they were having occupation gathering intelligence, and that wealth budgeted to wage informants was going unspent.

“The effect of the junta to their progressively perilous presumption is to treble down connected brutality,” Mr. Andrews said. “What they don’t recognize is that it has the other effect of what they intend. It is expanding the resoluteness of the radical to reason the regime.”


Nanneint, a colony adjacent the monastery wherever the massacre occurred, was bombed by subject jets, a nonmigratory said.Credit...Karenni Nationalities Defense Force, via Associated Press

In a connection Thursday condemning the Nanneint massacre, the National Unity Government and groups allied with it urged the planetary assemblage to enforce sanctions blocking the merchantability of pitchy fuel, weapons and exertion to the junta.

Nanneint, a colony conscionable 50 miles eastbound of the capital, Naypyidaw, is successful a portion of Shan State that has mostly remained nether the military’s control. During the warring there, subject jets bombed the village, said Mr. Khun Htwe, the villager. Soldiers burned astir 60 houses, helium said.

“The Myanmar service treats the radical arsenic enemies,” helium said. “The Myanmar subject volition termination anyone if their interests are affected.”

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