In Portugal, a Former Royal Home Opens as a Hotel

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In the mediate  of a tract   surrounded by hedgerows, a agelong  rectangular outdoor excavation  encircled by pollarded trees.
The outdoor pool, designed by Spanish scenery decorator Fernando Caruncho, astatine Valverde Santar Hotel & Spa successful cardinal Portugal.Credit...Bruno Barbosa

A decennary ago, the Spanish scenery decorator Fernando Caruncho began moving connected a task that would link the backstage walled gardens of respective aristocratic estates successful the Portuguese colony of Santar, successful the Dão vino region. Now, visitors volition person a caller mode to entree the 50-acre parkland: One of the ancestral manor homes wrong Caruncho’s greenscape has been converted into a tiny hotel. Formerly known arsenic Casa das Fidalgas and owned by the House of Bragança, who ruled Portugal from 1640 to 1910, erstwhile the monarchy was overthrown, Valverde Santar Hotel & Spa served arsenic a residence for the Bragança household until 2019. The Porto-based plan steadfast Atelier Bastir carried retired a restoration of the residence, preserving archetypal details — including pitched, wood-paneled ceilings, 18th-century French and Portuguese furnishings and bookshelves lined with hundreds of timeworn tomes — portion carving retired 21 rooms, immoderate with hand-painted ceilings. At the Memórias restaurant, the cook Luís Almeida serves determination specialties specified arsenic roasted goat with smoked atom and a buttery cheese-and-citrus pudding, made with ingredients sourced from Santar Vila Jardim’s gardens. Guests tin rotation done the property’s immense acreage to prime aromatic herbs including lemongrass and chamomile to beryllium utilized for massages and facials astatine the hotel’s spa, housed successful what was erstwhile the estate’s vino cellar. From $490 a night,

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Clockwise from apical left: Super Smalls necklace, $34,; Notte necklace, $182,; Alighieri necklace, $299,; Timeless Pearly necklace, terms connected request,; Bangla Begum necklace and charms, starting from $240,; Darius concatenation and charms, each terms connected request, of the brands

The conception of a charm necklace oregon bracelet tin beryllium traced backmost to past times, erstwhile aboriginal civilizations imbued talismans with spiritual significance. For her latest collection, the Los Angeles-based decorator Darya Khonsary — who often references her Persian ancestry successful her jewelry line, Darius — looked to the shapes of idols that were uncovered astatine the tract of the Mesopotamian Eye Temple astatine Tell Brak and dated to the 3rd millennium B.C. Khonsary created pieces including earrings, a ringing and a charm that could beryllium strung connected a necklace, each made of 18-karat Fairmined gold. The Paris-based decorator Fanny Boucher takes a lighthearted attack to charms with her marque Bangla Begum, offering a enactment of trinkets with suggested meanings. Among the disposable trinkets are a frog, symbolizing a French lover, and a chess piece, which plays connected the French connection “échec” (failure) to observe a failed relationship. Timeless Pearly’s Leslie Chetrit launched her marque successful 2017 with an array of eclectic pieces, the latest being pendant necklaces variously featuring whimsical mushrooms and a gold-plated Pinocchio, each handmade successful her Paris studio. With her 3 daughters successful mind, the erstwhile mag exertion Maria Dueñas Jacobs created Super Smalls, a enactment for children. Her pieces, similar a four-leaf-clover necklace featuring a existent clover pressed successful resin, are meant to beryllium shared among household members.

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Our Habitas Atacama, a caller edifice successful Chile, offers entree to the region’s outdoor activities. Credit...Kleinjan Groenewald

Atacama, Chile, is known for its dramatic landscapes ranging from arid godforsaken and brackish flats to volcanoes and geysers. Our Habitas Atacama, a 51-room edifice slated to unfastened successful the northeastern municipality of San Pedro de Atacama connected Sept. 15, hopes to springiness visitors a thoughtfully designed entree constituent to specified surroundings, portion besides doing its portion to sphere them. The owners program for the full spot to beryllium escaped of single-use plastic, and nutrient discarded volition beryllium collected by a section institution for composting. The rooms, immoderate with extortion terraces oregon patios, diagnostic tapestries and ceramics created by artisans successful the area. Guests tin opt to effort a dependable bath oregon a temazcal ceremonial successful a accepted sweat lodge, oregon tin put to instrumentality portion successful 1 of the galore guided outdoor excursions, including hiking, biking, paragliding and stargazing. The hotel’s on-site restaurant, Almas, focuses connected seasonal nutrient and wood-fired cooking, with dishes inspired by determination cuisine specified arsenic Machas y Rica Rica, which incorporates a benignant of razor clam autochthonal to Chile, and a lamb crockery that exhibits clay cooking emblematic of the region. From $350,

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Left: Alex Katz’s “Autumn 8” (2022). Right: Katz’s “Autumn 16” (2023).Credit...© Alex Katz Studio/Artist Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photo: Courtesy GRAY Chicago/New York

After a retrospective featuring enactment that spanned astir 8 decades astatine the Guggenheim past year, the creator Alex Katz, 96, would person each crushed to beryllium backmost and bask the accolades. But arsenic a caller amusement that opens astatine Gray Chicago adjacent period proves, Katz is inactive driven by a request to create. “What gets maine going each greeting is knowing I’m going into the workplace to paint,” helium says. While galore of his landscapes person been inspired by Lincolnville, Me., wherever Katz has spent respective months of the twelvemonth since the 1950s, the 11 caller compositions connected presumption (which volition beryllium presented alongside a bid of 16 caller ink portraits connected paper) started taking signifier connected crisp greeting walks that Katz took successful New York past fall. “I looked up and saw each these colored leaves against a bluish sky. They were comparatively tiny trees, and the leaves stood retired distinctly,” helium recalls. “I felt a sensation of brightness and tried to overgarment this sensation.” Across tremendous canvases (some measuring arsenic wide arsenic 14 feet), helium depicts the windblown trees and delicate foliage of the changing play successful vibrant golds, greens and reds. Painted successful a kinetic, impressionistic style, these panoramic works make an astir immersive experience. “Alex Katz: Autumn” is connected presumption astatine Gray Chicago from Sept. 8 done Oct. 28,

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Left: a impermanent country successful the renovated landmark La Margna helping of Grace La Margna. The representation of the surrounding mountains is by the section lensman Federico Sette. Right: a spot astatine the View, 1 of the hotel’s caller restaurants. Credit...Courtesy of Grace La Margna

In St. Moritz, Switzerland, the fabled wintertime sports enclave of the Alps, the landmark La Margna edifice has reopened arsenic the 74-room Grace La Margna aft a multiyear restoration. Built successful 1906 conscionable supra the town’s railway station, the archetypal spot referenced Art Nouveau benignant arsenic good arsenic determination plan elements recovered successful the surrounding Engadin Valley, similar monolithic walls and playfully decorated facades. Those exterior details person been maintained on with a fig of interior aspects: In the ground-floor surviving room, the handmade metallic chandeliers stay (though they’ve been retrofitted to accommodate LED lights), arsenic does the marble fireplace and wood-paneled walls. At the bar, with its caller curved Carrara marble antagonistic and velvet barroom stools, the paper features Orma whisky, distilled astir 11,000 feet supra oversea level connected the adjacent Corvatsch mountain. The edifice restaurant, facing Lake St. Moritz, has reopened arsenic the View, with a Mediterranean menu. A bistro, Max Moritz, is expected to unfastened aboriginal successful the fall; a brasserie is slated for the wintertime season. And successful an wholly caller wing, 27 impermanent rooms diagnostic floor-to-ceiling windows that framework views of the colony and the lake. From astir $466 a night,

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