iOS 17 Has Security Risks Already

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iOS 17 is simply a large update for your iPhone. It adds 20+ caller ringtones and alert tones for this archetypal clip successful a decade; lets you acceptable up a full-screen Contact Poster that appears erstwhile you telephone different iPhones; and introduces video dependable messages for FaceTime.

But for each its bully pursuing its merchandise connected Monday, iOS 17 is already outdated: Apple released iOS 17.0.1 and iPadOS 17.0.1 connected Sept. 21, conscionable 3 days aft the authoritative release. As acold arsenic I tin tell, determination are nary caller user-facing features successful this update. Instead, 17.0.1 seems to be, supra all, a information update.

iOS 17.0.1 patches 3 information vulnerabilities

In the security notes Apple released online, it appears 17.0.1 patches 3 information flaws. The archetypal is simply a flaw affected kernel (the “core” of an operating system), which Apple says an attacker could exploit to elevate their privileges. That means the flaw would alteration the attacker to entree the strategy successful ways they usually would not beryllium allowed to.

The 2nd flaw affects app security, patching a spread that would fto a malicious app bypass signature validation, which would let it to sneak past the accustomed restrictions preventing malicious enactment successful the archetypal place. Finally, the update besides fixes a WebKit flaw that could let malicious web content, specified arsenic a nexus oregon image, to tally codification connected your system, efficaciously taking implicit your device.

Apple has released a akin update for iOS 16.7 and iPadOS 16.7, intended for iPhones and iPads that either can’t update to iOS 17, oregon for users who would similar to enactment connected iOS 16, arsenic good arsenic an update for macOS Ventura 13.6. Apple besides released a watchOS 10.0.1 update and a watchOS 9.6.3 update that patches the kernel and information flaws, and a macOS Monterey 12.7 update that patches the kernel issue.

The updates travel precisely 2 weeks aft Apple seeded different bid of information updates for its devices.

How to update each your Apple devices

To update your iPhone oregon iPad, caput to Settings > General > Software Update, past deed “Download and Install” underneath iOS 17.0.1 (or iOS 16.7). Enter your passcode, past hold for the update to download earlier installing it.

On macOS Ventura, spell to System Settings > General > Software Update, past deed “Update Now” connected macOS Ventura 13.6. To update macOS Monterey, spell to System Preferences > General > Software Update, past take “Update Now” for macOS Monterey 12.7. On your Apple Watch, you’ll find the update either successful the Watch app connected your iPhone nether General > Software Update, oregon connected the ticker itself from Settings > General > Software Update.

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