Iran protests: US to ease internet curbs for Iranians

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By Merlyn Thomas
BBC News

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Widespread protests person been sparked by the decease of a pistillate successful argumentation custody.

The US says it volition easiness net curbs connected Iran to antagonistic Tehran's clampdown connected protests which were sparked by a woman's decease successful constabulary custody.

"We are going to assistance marque definite the Iranian radical are not kept isolated and successful the dark," said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

The relaxation of bundle controls volition let American tech firms to grow their concern successful Iran.

At slightest 35 radical person been killed successful the worst unrest successful Iran for years.

Mahsa Amini, 22, fell into a coma past week, hours aft morality constabulary arrested her for allegedly breaking headscarf rules.

Officers reportedly bushed Ms Amini's caput with a baton and banged her caput against 1 of their vehicles. The constabulary person said determination is nary grounds of immoderate mistreatment and that she suffered "sudden bosom failure".

Mr Blinken said the partial relaxation of restrictions was a "concrete measurement to supply meaningful enactment to Iranians demanding that their basal rights beryllium respected".

It was clear, helium added, that the Iranian authorities was "afraid of its ain people".

The US treasury said the determination would assistance antagonistic the Iranian government's effort to "surveil and censor" its people.

But it is improbable to person an contiguous interaction arsenic it "does not region each instrumentality of communications repression".

Billionaire Elon Musk said connected Twitter that helium would activate his outer net firm, Starlink, to supply net services to Iran successful effect to Mr Blinken's announcement.

Starlink provides net services via a immense web of satellites and is aimed astatine radical who unrecorded successful distant areas who cannot get high-speed internet.

US officials said that the updated licence did not screen hardware supplied by Mr Musk but his steadfast and others were invited to use for support to the treasury.

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How Mahsa Amini became a awesome of defiance successful Iran

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