Iraq’s oil boom blamed for worsening water crisis in drought-hit south

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Western lipid companies are exacerbating h2o shortages and causing contamination successful Iraq arsenic they contention to nett from rising lipid prices aft Russia’s penetration of Ukraine.

Water scarcity has already displaced thousands and accrued instability, according to planetary experts, portion Iraq is present considered the fifth astir vulnerable state to the clime situation by the UN. In the oil-rich but highly adust south, wetlands that utilized to provender full communities are present muddy canals.

Mahdi Mutir, 57, worked arsenic a fisher his full life. For years, Mutir and his woman woke astatine dusk, sailing on a heavy web of canals successful Al Khora, a fewer kilometres northbound of Basra. The harvest was meagre but capable to supply nutrient for the household of seven.

That changed past year. Now, astatine the tallness of the rainy season, Mutir’s vessel lies stranded successful the mud.

“It is the h2o presumption the Italian institution built: they request h2o for their oilfields,” Mutir said, pointing astatine the achromatic fume rising from the Zubayr oilfield connected the horizon.

To assistance extract oil, companies pump ample quantities of h2o into the ground. For each tube of oil, galore of which are aboriginal exported to Europe, up to 3 barrels of water are pumped into the ground. And arsenic Iraq’s lipid exports rise, its h2o has dramatically fallen.

The Italian institution Mutir is referring to is the lipid and state multinational Eni, which has been moving successful Iraq since 2009. Analysis of satellite images shows however implicit the past twelvemonth a tiny dam, built by Eni to divert h2o from the Basra canal to its h2o attraction works is preventing the seasonal flooding of the country wherever Mutir erstwhile utilized to fish.

Another adjacent works utilized by lipid companies including BP and ExxonMobil accounts for 25% of the regular h2o depletion successful a portion of astir 5 cardinal people.

Fires from oilfields pain  arsenic  h2o  buffaloes aquatics  successful  the water  nearby
Water buffaloes aquatics adjacent the Nihran Bin Omar oilfield northbound of Basra. Photograph: Nabil al-Jurani/AP

The Qarmat Ali plant, 5 miles southbound of the Eni plant, is operated by the Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO), comprised of BP, PetroChina and the South Oil Company of Iraq. Water astatine the works comes straight from the Abd Abdullah canal, which redirects freshwater from a stream earlier it reaches the Shatt al-Arab, the stream formed by the confluence of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, and Basra’s main h2o source.

In a connection Eni said nary caller h2o was utilized by the institution arsenic the h2o from the canals is salty and polluted, and truthful it is not successful contention with different uses. But the Guardian has seen connected the crushed and successful outer images however the h2o from the canals feeding Qarmat Ali and Eni’s under-construction Al Khora works merges a fewer kilometres southbound of the 2 plants into a nationalist h2o attraction works that provides 35% of the h2o utilized by households successful Basra.

Iraq’s impending h2o situation has been good documented. In 2012, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that the country’s h2o needs for lipid would summation tenfold. Without alternatives, it said, “water would person to travel from section aquifers, which would vie straight with the needs for agriculture and consumption”.

Despite the warnings, small has been done. In 2018, an acute h2o situation successful the metropolis resulted successful 118,000 radical being taken to hospital and led to convulsive protests. Demonstrators threw petrol bombs astatine authorities buildings and the information forces allegedly responded with unrecorded ammunition, leaving astatine slightest 5 radical dead.

“Overall the measurement of h2o injections required is not huge, but successful water-stressed areas this tin origin superior problems,” said Robert Mills, the main enforcement of Qamar Energy, an autarkic consultancy, and writer of a 2018 study connected Iraq’s h2o injection needs. “In Basra, which has unspeakable h2o problems, successful rule lipid companies should find alternatives to caller water” helium said.

Alternatives exist. In Saudi Arabia, Iraq’s neighbour with comparable h2o problems and the world’s third largest lipid reserve, h2o for injection is taken from the sea. In Iraq, discussions implicit the operation of a task to proviso seawater person been taking spot for much than a decade, but thing has been done yet: “The ministry of lipid does not person capable budget, and lipid companies bash not privation to wage for it,” Mills said.

Iraq much than doubled its crude accumulation successful the decennary starring up to 2019, and its output has lone grown since Russia’s penetration of Ukraine successful 2022. That year, exports of Iraqi lipid to Europe roseate by astir 40%.

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Last year, lipid and state companies recorded unprecedented profits. Eni doubled its 2021 results, netting £17.9bn, portion BP, Exxon and TotalEnergies besides recorded their astir profitable years successful caller history.

Iraq, however, has not seen a akin growth. “Iraq’s improvement indices lucifer that of low-income countries,” the World Bank said successful a 2022 report.

“Contrary to different countries they run in, successful Iraq astir overseas lipid companies bash thing to bounds their biology impact: for them it is conscionable cheaper to support polluting the environment,” said Walid al-Hamid, caput of confederate Iraq’s biology agency. The section oversees inspections of oilfields and imposes sanctions for biology damage.

In a papers seen by the Guardian, Eni and BP are among the companies listed arsenic having been fined. But galore of the fines, according to Hamid, person ne'er been paid.

Gas flaring – the burning of earthy state associated with lipid extraction – is besides a superior concern. In 2018, the state flared wrong a 70km radius of Basra exceeded the full flaring measurement of Saudi Arabia, China, Canada, and India combined.

In Zubair unsocial past twelvemonth 2.5bn cubic metres of state were burned, World Bank information shows, contempt Eni’s assertion in its 2021 yearly report that the institution was liable for little than fractional that fig worldwide.

Eni said successful a connection that though it leads the consortium of companies that operates the Zubair field, it is not the relation and does “not person power of the strategy for the field, oregon the work for flaring … each of which beryllium with the Basra Oil Company [the nationalist Iraqi institution liable for the lipid successful the southbound of the country].” Eni besides said that it is not liable for the fines levied by the situation agency, and that they should beryllium paid by the Basra Oil Company, which operates the tract successful question.

The presumption of the contract, the institution added, “explicitly removes immoderate work for flaring, flaring simplification projects oregon assemblage compensation”.

BP said it was besides not liable for the fines listed successful the documents, and that the tract successful question was operated by the Rumaila Operating Organisation, a institution it founded and successful which it holds a 47.6% share.

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