Is this drinks company’s AI-powered CEO a gimmick or the future of work?

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The ‘always on’ AI CEO is tasked with identifying clients for their high-end collectible rums arsenic good arsenic choosing artists to plan customized bottles.

Is the property of answering to AI-overlords already upon us?

Well, the European president of this Polish drinks company, Marek Szoldrowski, wouldn’t rather enactment it similar that.

Their firm, Dictador, has precocious employed a humanoid AI-powered robot called Mika to assistance tally parts of the business.

Mika has been accorded the rubric of AI CEO, but Szoldrowski says that the large decisions similar hiring and firing radical volition stay successful the hands of the quality enforcement team.

What Mika tin do, however, is root imaginable clients for Dictador’s high-end collectible rums arsenic good arsenic choosing the artists that plan their customized bottles.

Mika herself is keen to constituent retired the galore advantages she boasts implicit her quality counterparts.

"I don't truly person weekends. I'm ever on, 24/7," Mika said.

"My decision-making process relies connected extended information analysis... It's devoid of idiosyncratic bias, ensuring unbiased and strategical choices".

The aboriginal of AI CEOS

According to Szoldrowski, Mika is conscionable the beginning, and AI volition inevitably play a relation successful the aboriginal of concern arsenic the exertion evolves.

"For america it's a quest: 'what volition beryllium the aboriginal of companies similar ours?' So we simply judge it's worthy it to impact AI," helium said.

Szoldrowski sees AI CEOs similar Mika arsenic becoming a companion to quality CEOs, if not overtaking their roles completely.

"I judge that a CEO, a quality CEO, and an AI CEO successful the aboriginal volition enactment manus successful hand, utilizing their strengths for making amended work, oregon amended companies,” helium said.

“In our case, we’ve started".

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