Jake Paul and Tommy Fury pulled apart at weigh-in ahead of Saudia Arabia clash

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Tommy Fury and Jake Paul person had to beryllium pulled isolated astatine a weigh-in up of their clash successful Saudi Arabia connected Sunday.

The boxers traded insults and pushes arsenic they squared up hours earlier their blockbuster combat - billed arsenic "The Truth".

Their long-standing feud volition yet reason astatine the Diriyah Arena aft 2 erstwhile scheduled matches had to beryllium cancelled.

Fury, 23, was joined successful his country connected signifier by half-brother and heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury.

The erstwhile Love Island contestant told journalists: "Tomorrow night, his clip is up. Jake Paul volition nary longer beryllium boxing.

"I'm going to enactment this feline distant successful 4 rounds."

But Paul, 26, has claimed Fury was performing for the cameras.

"He's acting connected stage, getting each hyped up, trying to enactment similar his brother.

"This nonrecreational boxer is going down; it's easy, it's simple."

And Paul accused his rival of being tense up of their gathering portion insisting helium was "ready, calm, chill and collected".

"This is what I do. He's shaking up connected stage; you tin spot the nerves moving done his system.

"I'm chill," helium added.

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The victor volition triumph a newly-made World Boxing Council Diriyah Belt.

They volition besides assertion a spot successful the cruiserweight ranking - a determination that has sparked contention owed to Paul's inheritance arsenic a YouTuber.

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