Japan prepares to reopen to tourists for first time since 2020

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Japan volition commencement conducting “test tourism” successful the signifier of constricted bundle tours successful May up of a afloat reopening to tourism.

Though tourism was a large pillar of Japan’s economy, tourists person not been permitted to participate since it adopted strict borderline controls successful 2020 astatine the commencement of the coronavirus pandemic.

Regulations person been loosened somewhat to let students and immoderate concern travellers to enter. But, idiosyncratic tourists stay barred contempt calls from manufacture leaders hoping to restart tourism to instrumentality vantage of the yen, which has fallen to 20-year lows.

Japan’s Tourism Agency said it would commencement allowing tiny radical tours to participate from aboriginal this period arsenic “test cases” to summation accusation for a broader resumption of tourism astatine an unspecified aboriginal date.

Tourists who person been triple-vaccinated and travel from the United States, Australia, Thailand and Singapore volition beryllium allowed to instrumentality portion successful the tours, which volition beryllium strictly planned successful conjunction with question agencies and accompanied astatine each times by circuit conductors, it added.

“This task volition let america to verify compliance and exigency responses for corruption prevention and formulate guidelines for question agencies and accommodation operators to support successful mind,” it said.

Japan’s premier minister, Fumio Kishida, said earlier this period successful London that helium would bring Japan’s borderline controls into enactment with different affluent democracies successful June, but nary further details person been given, including erstwhile the state volition afloat unfastened its borders to tourists again.

In 2019, Japan hosted 31.9 cardinal overseas visitors, who spent 4.81tn yen ($37.2bn).

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