Jayne Jagot appointed to Australia’s high court, creating first majority-female bench

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The bulk of judges connected Australia’s precocious tribunal volition beryllium women for the archetypal clip successful past aft the assignment of justness Jayne Jagot to the bench.

On Thursday the lawyer general, Mark Dreyfus, announced the assignment of the national tribunal justice arsenic the 56th justness of the precocious tribunal and seventh pistillate appointed to the court.

On 17 October, Jagot volition regenerate justness Patrick Keane, who was appointed successful March 2013 but is approaching the mandatory status property of 70.

In a statement, Dreyfus and the premier minister, Anthony Albanese, described Jagot arsenic an “outstanding lawyer and an eminent judge”, congratulating her connected a “well-deserved appointment”.

Before her assignment to the national tribunal successful 2008, Jagot was a spouse astatine Mallesons Stephen Jaques, a barrister, a justice of the NSW onshore and situation court, lawman president of the copyright tribunal and further justice of the ACT ultimate court.

Jagot is 57, giving her a generous tenure of up to 13 years connected the court.

Although Jagot is highly respected and was besides considered for a precocious tribunal assignment by the erstwhile lawyer wide Christian Porter, ineligible experts judge the latest successful a slew of appointments from the national tribunal has near the precocious tribunal lacking successful judges with a inheritance successful transgression law.

Jagot is simply a large assignment but who is near connected the HCA seat with immoderate superior transgression instrumentality experience? Especially earlier a jury?

— Gray Connolly (@GrayConnolly) September 28, 2022

As a Sydney-based judge, Jagot’s assignment besides does not code a humanities deficiency of practice from smaller states, peculiarly South Australia.

Dreyfus told reporters successful Canberra the assignment shouldn’t beryllium “looked astatine arsenic ignoring South Australia”.

“I tin lone guarantee the radical of Australia that this assignment is of the champion imaginable idiosyncratic for this presumption to the precocious tribunal of Australia.”

Asked whether sex played a relation successful the appointment, Dreyfus reiterated that Jagot was “the champion imaginable person”.

“The authorities is precise arrogant of the assignment that we are making contiguous … and I americium definite that she is going to service with distinction.”

“Justice Jagot is an eminent jurist and brings tremendous experience, and was nominated by very, precise galore radical that I consulted with.”

Dreyfus consulted each authorities and territory attorneys wide and their shadows, the heads of the national courts and authorities and territory ultimate courts, authorities and territory barroom associations and instrumentality societies, National Legal Aid, Australian Women Lawyers, the National Association of Community Legal Centres and deans of instrumentality schools.

The main justice, Susan Kiefel, reaches the mandatory status property successful January 2024, creating a 2nd precocious tribunal vacancy successful the archetypal word of the Albanese government.

Dreyfus did not remark connected whether women would stay successful the bulk connected the seat aft Kiefel’s retirement.

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