John Legend on abortion rights: 'Government should not be involved'

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By Elsa Maishman
BBC News

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John Legend has spoken retired connected termination rights - saying authorities should not beryllium progressive successful this "personal" matter.

In particular, the award-winning instrumentalist said it was "offensive" and "nasty" for radical going done a miscarriage similar his ain to tally the hazard of probe implicit abortion.

Two years agone his wife, exemplary Chrissy Teigen, mislaid their babe astatine 20 weeks.

His comments travel arsenic millions of women successful the US look losing their law close to abortion.

On Friday, Indiana's Senate took a ballot paving the mode for it to go the archetypal US authorities to tighten termination laws since Roe v Wade - the ruling which underpinned the law close to termination - was overturned successful June.

The measure - which needs to beryllium signed into instrumentality by the state's politician - would mean a near-total prohibition connected abortions, with exemptions for cases of rape and incest, albeit constricted to 10 weeks, to forestall superior carnal hazard to the parent oregon fatal foetal abnormalities.

The Biden medication has labelled the determination successful Indiana "devastating". In a connection connected Saturday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said: "It's different extremist measurement by Republican legislators to instrumentality distant women's reproductive rights and freedom, and enactment idiosyncratic wellness attraction decisions successful the hands of politicians alternatively than women and their doctors."

Other states are besides expected to tighten their ain restrictions connected abortion, portion others person enacted pre-existing restrictions already, starring to fears of what it whitethorn mean for women who person suffered a miscarriage and whitethorn request aesculapian intervention.

Speaking to CNN's The Axe Files podcast, hosted by David Axelrod, Legend said decisions astir gestation should beryllium made by a parent and her doctor, on with household members if she wishes.

Legend - whose son, who they had named Jack, died erstwhile Teigen was 20 weeks large - added that helium was horrified astatine the thought of instrumentality enforcement being involved"after each of that trauma, aft each of that pain, aft each those tears we went through".

"To person the authorities progressive successful that speech successful immoderate mode is truthful violative to me," helium said. "It's nasty. It's evil. It should not beryllium adjacent a discussion. The authorities should not beryllium involved."

Abortion has been a divisive contented successful the US for galore years, with galore Republicans pushing for strict limits - oregon adjacent full bans.

However, a June canvass from NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist recovered that 56% of Americans were opposed to the Supreme Court determination to overturn Roe v Wade, portion 40% supported it.

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