John Setka: union boss’s estranged wife said she had ‘to kill my children’s father to survive’, court hears

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Union person John Setka’s estranged woman told a backstage researcher “I person to termination my children’s begetter to survive, you’re going to assistance maine enactment retired however I bash it”, a tribunal has been told.

Emma Walters, 47, who shares 2 children with Setka, faced Melbourne magistrates tribunal connected Tuesday implicit allegations she threatened to termination the Victorian caput of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, and tried to get a weapon to transportation retired the execution plot.

Walters has pleaded not blameworthy to 1 complaint of threatening to termination Setka and different of attempting to perpetrate an indictable offence.

She was secretly recorded by backstage researcher Adrian Peeters aft helium visited her successful March 2023 pursuing a petition from Walters astir “debugging” her West Footscray home.

But Peeters said the speech “shifted rather quickly” distant from debugging, to her alleged crippled to termination Setka.

“Ms Walters initiated the shift, she stated that she needed a ‘piece’ and she had to termination the begetter of her children,” helium told the tribunal connected Tuesday.

The video Peeters recorded, taken connected 21 March, was shown to the tribunal arsenic Walters fights the transgression charges.

“I cognize however to usage a weapon alright, and I’m consenting to woody with the consequences of having to spell done the tribunal process of self-defence,” Walters tin beryllium heard telling Peeters.

“I person to termination my children’s begetter to survive, and that is not a precise bully presumption to beryllium in.

“Anyway, you’re going to assistance maine enactment retired however I bash it.”

She is past heard telling Peeters she was a “lawyer by trade” and that “this speech ne'er happened ... erstwhile it’s successful the tribunal you cannot accidental that you person immoderate cognition of it”.

A photograph  of John Setka
Emma Walters told constabulary she didn’t privation to termination John Setka (pictured) but had to support herself. Photograph: Kelly Barnes/AAP

Peeters alleged Walters told him “I request to lure him here”, referring to Setka, earlier helium started the recording.

He said helium recorded the speech for his ain safety, and aft leaving Walters’ spot helium contacted Setka done the national to pass him.

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He past reported the incidental to police.

Walters was arrested connected 29 March, and her constabulary interrogation - wherever she is shown the video signaling - was besides played to the court.

She told detectives she was frustrated, distressed and utilized “florid language” due to the fact that she “had a responsibility” to support herself and her children from Setka.

“The constabulary person failed to support maine and the children,” she said, successful the interview.

“Do I privation to termination John Setka? No, not astatine all. Do I person to support myself? Yes. Do mean to usage a firearm to bash so? No.

“That’s a pistillate that’s been successful distress and the strategy has failed her and her children, clip and clip and clip again; I was trying to explicit that.”

The proceeding earlier magistrate Leon Fluxman continues.

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