Junior doctor strike: NHS chief says hospitals under major pressure

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Junior doctors signifier a picket enactment extracurricular St Thomas' Hospital successful London

Hospital exigency departments are nether terrible unit with immoderate experiencing their "busiest Monday of the twelvemonth truthful far", says NHS England's aesculapian director.

With a inferior doc onslaught happening astatine the aforesaid time, Prof Sir Stephen Powis is asking the nationalist to usage services appropriately.

NHS 111 is for non-urgent needs.

Unlike during erstwhile NHS strikes, determination has been nary let-up successful the request for care, accidental infirmary representatives.

Tens of thousands of inferior doctors are taking portion successful a three-day onslaught until Wednesday.

It is thought to beryllium the astir disruptive NHS onslaught yet.

Sir Julian Hartley, main enforcement of NHS Providers which represents NHS hospitals, said: "Unlike erstwhile strikes, it's noticeable that determination has been nary let-up successful the request for care.

"Senior doctors are stepping into the breach but it isn't concern arsenic usual. For infirmary patients that means it's taking longer for admissions and the discharge process is besides slower."

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Junior doctors privation a 35% payrise - thing the wellness caput calls "unaffordable"

Sir Julian besides says ambulance handover delays are up and mostly keeping services going is proving hard for infirmary staff.

"We request the authorities and the doctors' unions to travel to an statement quickly," helium said.

Nurses, ambulance workers and physios person besides staged strikes this winter, but person present paused enactment portion talks with authorities happen.

Junior doctors are asking for a 35% wage emergence due to the fact that they accidental their wage has not risen successful enactment with ostentation - they reason their wage has been chopped by 26% since 2008.

Health Secretary Steve Barclay has called the petition "completely unaffordable".

He has said helium "hugely values" the enactment of inferior doctors and wants negotiations to beryllium "fair", but presently nary constructive talks person taken spot betwixt the authorities and the British Medical Association union.

What should you do?

Sir Stephen says radical should usage GP surgeries, pharmacies and the NHS 111 telephone work if their needs are non-urgent and be immoderate infirmary appointments unless contacted otherwise.

But those who request exigency attraction should proceed to telephone 999. Consultants and elder doctors are being brought successful to cover, but it means planned operations are having to beryllium cancelled.

"As we spot the interaction of the astir important onslaught disruption successful the past of the NHS, we're truly grateful to the nationalist for utilizing services appropriately," helium adds successful a statement.

Junior doctors correspond astir fractional of the aesculapian workforce successful England - those who person conscionable graduated assemblage done to immoderate with 10 years of experience.

Two-thirds of inferior doctors are members of the British Medical Association.

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