Justin Bieber: Boy with Ramsay Hunt syndrome thanks star

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Ethan has had the information since helium was six years old

An eight-year-old lad with the aforesaid uncommon information arsenic Justin Bieber has said the star's diagnosis would assistance rise awareness.

Ethan, from Newport, and Bieber some person Ramsay Hunt syndrome (RHS), which, among different things, tin origin facial paralysis.

Ethan said helium wished Bieber well, and that him going nationalist had made it "easier to speech about" the condition.

A large Bieber fan, Ethan has had the information since helium was six years old.

RHS is erstwhile a shingles outbreak affects the facial nerve adjacent someone's ears, resulting successful paralysis of parts of the look arsenic good arsenic blisters successful the ears and connected the extortion of the mouth.

Justin Bieber had to cancel his satellite tour this period owed to ongoing issues with the condition.

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Justin revealed his wellness issues connected societal media past year

Ethan said helium was "really shocked" to find retired the instrumentalist was suffering with the aforesaid unwellness erstwhile helium announced it past year.

He said: "I knew what helium was going to person to spell done and immoderate of what helium had to spell done was going to beryllium scary."

Ethan has offered Bieber immoderate words of advice: "have a batch of rest" and "do exercises connected your face".

Although a afloat betterment is possible, Ethan said Bieber should beryllium alert of the agelong lasting impact.

"You'll inactive spot a small spot of it, adjacent if cipher other tin ever spot it," helium said.

'Hard to understand'

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Ethan's mum Kirsty accidental she worries different radical whitethorn beryllium misdiagnosed owed to a deficiency of awareness

Ethan's parent Kirsty said she understood however "heartbreaking" it indispensable beryllium for Justin and his fans to person to cancel the tour, but that she and her lad "probably understood that much than a batch of people".

"Ramsay Hunt syndrome tin impact radical successful galore antithetic ways," she said.

"It causes a batch of tiredness and a batch of pain. So I tin wholly recognize him cancelling his tour."

Kirsty added she had "felt truly atrocious for him" erstwhile helium had to cancel his circuit but it had "helped with making different radical alert of the condition".

"I'd conscionable similar determination to beryllium much enactment retired determination - the hospitals don't person overmuch accusation and it's truly hard to get immoderate accusation oregon immoderate attraction plan. So the much consciousness that's brought to the information the better," she added.

'Misdiagnosis a problem'

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Facial paralysis is 1 of the symptoms of Ramsay Hunt syndrome

In a survey of 206 RHS patients successful the UK, Facial Palsy UK recovered that implicit 50% of those with RHS had been initially misdiagnosed arsenic having Bell's palsy.

This was the lawsuit for Ethan erstwhile Kirsty took him to the Grange Hospital successful Cwmbran successful January 2021.

Initially she thought the symptoms were owed to a cold, but she noticed his look had started to driblet connected 1 side, a grounds communal to some Bell's palsy and RHS.

Ethan was diagnosed with Bell's palsy, fixed steroids and sent home.

It was lone aft Kirsty did her ain probe that she started to judge it was successful information RHS. She approached doctors, who agreed.

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Ethan has fixed Justin Bieber immoderate tips connected to however to header with the condition

"Its truly hard - due to the fact that it is truthful uncommon you've got obscurity to turn," said Kirsty.

"I didn't cognize of anybody who had the aforesaid information - I couldn't speech to anybody who could conscionable springiness maine beingness acquisition and things that I should bash and things that I shouldn't do. I didn't person immoderate of that."

Kirsty went connected to wage for facial therapy for Ethan successful 2021 and 2022, which helped him marque a beardown recovery, but she inactive worries.

"I deliberation the future's somewhat uncertain," she said.

"There's underlying aspects to the information that are inactive precise evident to him."

A spokesperson for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board apologised that Kirsty was unhappy with her attraction and encouraged her to interaction them directly.

'More backing needed'

Charity Facial Palsy UK said Wales needed much backing for the condition.

A Welsh authorities spokesperson said: "We recognise the distress that Ramsay Hunt syndrome and different facial paralysis tin cause.

"Our Quality Statement for Neurological Conditions sets the outcomes and standards we expect wellness boards to execute successful delivering enactment and attraction for radical surviving with immoderate benignant of neurological condition.

"We privation each those surviving with a neurological information to unrecorded their champion lives and volition proceed to enactment with wellness boards and the Neurological Conditions Implementation Group to rise consciousness of each neurological conditions and to make and present effectual services."

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