Justin Bieber cancels remainder of world tour

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Justin Bieber has cancelled the remaining dates connected his Justice satellite circuit pursuing ongoing wellness issues.

The Canadian vocalist has been forced to postpone the satellite circuit respective times already amid his ongoing betterment from Ramsay Hunt syndrome (RHS).

The uncommon information had resulted successful implicit paralysis of the close broadside of his face successful June, forcing Bieber to cancel performances.

RHS is caused by viral reactivation and causes facial palsy, oregon facial paralysis arsenic it is known successful the US.

A station connected the tour's authoritative Twitter leafage confirmed the remainder of the dates connected the circuit - including respective successful the US, Australia and Europe - would beryllium cancelled.

Over the past twelvemonth the circuit has amassed implicit $65m (£46m) successful revenue, though fans person expressed their dismay online that they person inactive not received antecedently promised refunds.

He announced a instrumentality to touring successful July but postponed shows again successful September successful bid to "make my wellness a priority".

At the time, Bieber said shows successful Europe had "taken a existent toll connected me" and helium needed much clip to "rest and get better".

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Justin Bieber shares paralysis diagnosis

What is Ramsay Hunt syndrome?

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is simply a complication of the shingles microorganism which tin look successful radical who person suffered chickenhearted pox arsenic a child.

The NHS says it is caused by a microorganism successful the facial nerve.

Possible symptoms see blisters successful the ears and connected the extortion of the mouth, arsenic good arsenic facial weakness.

It tin beryllium treated with steroids, antiviral medicine and facial rehabilitation.

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