Kevin Bacon: ‘I turned down dancing to Footloose dressed as an M&M. My wife doesn’t like it when food talks’

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Top tips for the cleanable bacon sandwich? TopTramp

Since the 80s, I’ve owned a workplace with miniature horses and alpacas. We precocious got a mates of pigs, June and Jonny, who I adore, truthful I don’t devour bacon immoderate more. I don’t privation to devour things that I have, truthful I don’t devour dog, horse, goat oregon pig.

What was it similar filming Apollo 13 successful reduced gravity? BellaTheCook

Incredible. We went up successful an craft called the KC-135 that Nasa uses to simulate zero gravity. You alert implicit the Gulf of Mexico, the airplane dives, and arsenic you travel implicit the apical of what they telephone the parabola, the centrifugal unit and gravitational propulsion balance and you get to interval for 24 seconds. Floating is comparatively casual connected movie present with computers, but backmost successful those days, trying to region harnesses successful post-production was truly hard. I got to acquisition zero gravity with Bill Paxton, Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, with a level of panic and excitement similar thing else.

Tremors is simply a near-perfect B-movie. Did it consciousness a chopped supra astir popcorn pictures astatine the clip (1990)? How hard was rod vaulting from stone to stone successful super-tight jeans? JumpingSpider and SimonLegg

Kevin Bacon with Fred Ward successful  Tremors
Beware the underground worms … With Fred Ward successful Tremors. Photograph: Universal Pictures/Allstar

It did consciousness similar a B-movie. When I took the part, I wasn’t truly that excited. My vocation was successful a slump, my archetypal kid was connected the mode and I felt overwhelmed astatine the imaginable of fatherhood, truthful I took the occupation due to the fact that we needed the money. I felt similar I had slipped and things were truly going south, doing a silly movie astir underground worms. But erstwhile I accidental yes and I perpetrate to something, I’m each in, and I loved making it.

We had a truly fun, magical clip up successful the precocious godforsaken successful bluish California. When the movie was released, it was not a hit. The workplace didn’t cognize however to marketplace comic and scary, truthful it was a catastrophe astatine the container office. But Blockbuster and VHS were large astatine the time, truthful it became this video deed that sparked 5 sequels and a TV series. I don’t retrieve the rod vaulting. My conjecture is that it was astir apt a stuntman, but I’ll person to look and spot if it was me. It wasn’t the archetypal oregon past clip I’ve been successful those kinds of choky jeans!

Could you inactive bushed Steve Martin successful a ft contention for a taxi? Sagarmatha1953

I don’t know. We’d person to effort it again! I heard they mightiness beryllium remaking Planes, Trains and Automobiles and was reasoning it would beryllium amusive to reprise my role. I was successful a movie called She’s Having a Baby that John Hughes directed aft Pretty successful Pink and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but earlier Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I had truthful overmuch amusive moving connected that, and erstwhile we wrapped, I said: “Hey, John, if you person got thing for maine successful Planes, Trains and Automobiles, enactment maine in, I’ll bash anything.” So helium enactment maine successful that small spot successful the opening with Steve.

What was it similar filming A Few Good Men – particularly the “you can’t grip the truth” scene? Kloppofthepops, Prestonian79 and ArthurThistlewood

It was amazing. What radical don’t recognize astir shooting films is that not lone bash you bash aggregate takes, but you besides bash galore antithetic angles, for illustration connected Jack [Nicholson], the jury, Tom [Cruise] and me. They kept delivering that country with truthful overmuch powerfulness and enthusiasm, it was astonishing to spot 2 specified large actors astatine work.

Did you person immoderate doubts playing specified a arguable character arsenic Walter, the conflicted paedophile successful your 2004 movie The Woodsman? Would it inactive beryllium made today? Howlinpete, fandango87 and TeeDubyaBee

Did I uncertainty it? No. When it comes to the roles I get the opportunities to play, thing scares me. I mightiness beryllium frightened successful the consciousness of “Am I going to beryllium capable to grip this?” oregon “Am I going to bash a bully job?” But erstwhile it comes to “Am I disquieted that it’ll impact my image?” – I conscionable don’t deliberation astir it. Good guy, atrocious guy: if it’s a large part, I’ll play it. I’ve played parts who person done unspeakable things to radical and this was nary exception. Would it beryllium made today? Maybe. I deliberation I underestimated however hard it was for radical to watch.

What would a antheral person if helium had a disposable bruising adjacent the precocious portion of his zygomatic arch? BerengerH

I don’t know. Gills? When we were filming that country [from 1982’s Diner] I didn’t get wherefore it was going to work. But past I realised my quality is precise understated and comes crossed arsenic a spot of a dummy. So it’s astonishing [while watching a University Challenge-style quizshow] erstwhile helium knows the answers to these beauteous analyzable questions. But, no, I can’t retrieve that zygomatic bruising would beryllium a achromatic oculus and the prima ne'er rises oregon sets connected Mercury.

As a trans idiosyncratic incapable to modulation until my 30s, I’m funny arsenic to what you’ve learned through your caller film, They/Them? TheEvergreens

We’ve talked astir being successful the godforsaken with Tremors and zero gravity successful Apollo 13. One of the large things astir film-making is that you get to research things you wouldn’t usually get an wrong look at. That applies to the radical you get to enactment with. The casting successful They/Them was precise authentic. It was specified a large acquisition to enactment with these incredibly inspirational young people, to deliberation astir their lives and constituent of presumption successful the world, and speech astir a taxable that wouldn’t person been made a fewer years ago.

You’re successful a band, the Bacon Brothers, with your brother Michael. What’s the nearest you’ve travel to a Noel/Liam bust-up? Catupatree

Kevin Bacon performing with his older member  Michael Bacon (left) astatine  a Bacon Brothers gig
Performing with his older member Michael Bacon (left) astatine a Bacon Brothers payment performance for Ukraine successful Washington DC successful April 2022. Photograph: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

It’s travel to an arm-wrestle, but that’s astir apt the closest. There’s capable of an property spread betwixt america [Kevin is 64, Michael 72] that we didn’t turn up trying to bushed the hellhole retired of each other. My member was retired of the location by the clip I was six, and we didn’t get adjacent until I was a teen and started playing with him successful a band. Let’s look it, astir member bands don’t last. I’m gladsome we haven’t had our Noel and Liam infinitesimal yet.

Kevin Bacon dancing successful  Footloose (1984)
Fancy footwork … successful Footloose (1984). Photograph: Paramount/Allstar

If you spell to a wedding, bash you truly person to bribe the DJ not to play Footloose by Kenny Loggins? Kevcoe

That’s true: if they enactment connected Footloose and I commencement jumping around, it becomes astir me, and I don’t privation to marque the wedding astir me. I’m not the prima successful that situation: the bride and the groom are.

You ever travel crossed arsenic an affable chap, but play sleazy brilliantly, astir precocious arsenic crooked ex-FBI cause Jackie Rohr successful City on a Hill. Do you bask playing a well-written baddie? Vammyp, onlykidding, and Quicknstraight

I bask playing a well-written atrocious or good guy. They’re ever penning bully worldly for maine successful City connected a Hill, truthful it’s ever amusive to play Jackie. People say: “Is it much amusive to beryllium bad?” I say: “No. It’s amusive erstwhile the parts are good written. It’s nary amusive playing cookie-cutter atrocious guys oregon heroes with nary extent oregon complication.”

Are peanut M&Ms banned successful your house? Nicolawitters

No. I emotion peanut M&Ms, though my woman [the histrion Kyra Sedgwick] is the chocoholic and saccharine eater. I’m much of a salty, crunchy benignant of guy. But it is existent that I had to crook down dancing to Footloose dressed arsenic a elephantine peanut M&M for a commercial, due to the fact that my woman doesn’t similar it erstwhile nutrient talks. It’s conscionable a happening she has. If she sees a talking grape, it freaks her out. When determination was the anticipation I mightiness beryllium a talking M&M, she conscionable said: “No, that’s excessively far.”

Could you person done much comedy? You travel crossed truthful laid backmost successful idiosyncratic but truthful overmuch of your filmography looks truthful bleak! OttoMaddox

I’ve been doing the EE worldly for implicit a decade. One of the archetypal things I responded to was that the spots were comic and that I had an accidental to marque amusive of myself. I emotion comedy, but successful our industry, drama is simply a nine to which you person a membership, and I’ve ne'er been capable to ace that membership. It’s ne'er excessively late. If I had my druthers [choice], I deliberation I would alternatively beryllium known arsenic a melodramatic histrion who occasionally wants to bash drama alternatively than a celebrated comedic histrion who wants to beryllium taken earnestly arsenic a melodramatic actor. Our manufacture makes that modulation a batch harder.

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