Kim Cattrall to reprise Sex and the City role in And Just Like That

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Kim Cattrall is reportedly returning to play the relation of Samantha successful 1 country of Sex and the City spin-off And Just Like That.

According to Variety, the histrion changeable her dialog without speaking to oregon seeing the remainder of the cast. Cattrall has spoken of hostility betwixt herself and prima Sarah Jessica Parker and was not included successful the archetypal play of the caller series.

In the archetypal play of And Just Like That, which brings backmost Parker and archetypal stars Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, Cattrall’s quality had moved to London and was distant from the radical aft a disagreement. The caller country volition spot her person a telephone speech with Parker.

The study besides suggests that Cattrall was dressed by Sex and the City costume decorator Patricia Field who wasn’t portion of And Just Like That play 1 aft a scheduling clash with her enactment connected Netflix’s Emily successful Paris. Field told the Guardian she was “up successful arms that [Kim Cattrall] didn’t go” but added that she understood “that was idiosyncratic with her, and it doesn’t substance now”.

The brace besides worked unneurotic connected Cattrall’s upcoming Netflix amusement Glamorous.

After six seasons of the deed HBO amusement and 2 feature-length movies, Cattrall turned down the accidental to reprise her quality for a 3rd movie which was consequently cancelled. “It’s a large contented to cognize erstwhile capable is enough,” Cattrall told Variety successful 2022. “I besides didn’t privation to compromise what the amusement was to me. The mode guardant seemed clear.”

She besides added: “I was ne'er asked to beryllium portion of the reboot. I made my feelings wide aft the imaginable 3rd movie, truthful I recovered retired astir it similar everyone other did – connected societal media.”

In 2017, she besides spoke of hostility betwixt herself and Parker. “I deliberation she could’ve been nicer,” she said to Piers Morgan. “I truly deliberation she could’ve been nicer. I don’t cognize what her contented is.” The pursuing year, Parker said she was “heartbroken” by her comments.

When the spin-off was announced, Parker besides addressed Cattrall’s absence. “We did not inquire her to beryllium portion of this due to the fact that she made it wide that that wasn’t thing she wanted to pursue, and it nary longer felt comfy for us, and truthful it didn’t hap to us,” she said. “That’s not ‘slamming’ her, it’s conscionable learning.”

And Just Like That became a large deed for HBO Max, earlier it was precocious called Max, erstwhile it premiered successful December 2021. While reviews were mixed, it was the service’s astir watched premiere to date.

Cattrall has astir precocious been seen connected How I Met My Father and the Robert De Niro drama About My Father.

The 2nd play is acceptable to statesman successful June.

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