Knock, knock, who’s there? Alligator bites Florida man after he opens door

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A Florida antheral answering a sound astatine his beforehand doorway was promptly bitten by a 9ft agelong alligator erstwhile helium opened it to spot who was there.

Scot Hollingsworth, of Daytona Beach, told local TV station WKMG that helium was watching TV with his woman erstwhile helium heard a bump astatine the doorway and got up to investigate.

“I jumped up and headed implicit and opened the door, stepped retired portion trying to scope the lights and hardly got retired the doorway and got my limb clamped connected and [it] started shaking truly violently,” helium said.

“It was conscionable full astonishment and shock,” he said. “I fishy I amazed the alligator arsenic overmuch arsenic helium amazed me.”

Hollingsworth was bitten successful the precocious thigh and taken to a infirmary wherever helium was treated for his injuries. He is expected to marque a afloat recovery.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recovered the gator and aboriginal euthanised it.

Florida has a ample and booming colonisation of alligators which often bumps up against the state’s quality colonisation arsenic it expands into the state’s swamps and waterlands. Attacks and injuries are uncommon but bash happen.

Last period an 85-year-old pistillate walking her canine died when an alligator pulled her into a pond successful south-east Florida aft she tried to support her favored from attack.

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