Korea takes gold at the World Judo Tour in Uzbekistan

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World Judo Tour successful  Uzbekistan

World Judo Tour successful Uzbekistan   -  Copyright  International Judo Federation

After hosting a thrilling World Championship past year, the World Judo Tour returns to Tashkent.

On Friday, the Yunusohbud Sport Arena was afloat of enthusiastic judo fans who came to enactment their section heroes.

At 60 kilogrammes, Korea's Kim Won Jin showed large tenacity, beautifully changing direction, to overpower Serikbayev of Kazakhstan to instrumentality the 2nd Grand Slam golden of his career.

The president of the Kazakhstan Judo Federation, Kuanyshbek Yessekeyev, was connected manus to grant the medals

“As I got a large effect today, I volition bask it arsenic overmuch arsenic I tin and hole for the adjacent competition. I volition effort my champion to get the golden medal again for the adjacent event. This is however I’m feeling,” said Kim Won Jin.

Stojadinov wins for injured friend

In the 48kg category, Serbia’s Andrea Stojadinov displayed large judo passim the day, facing Portugal’s judoka Cristina Costa successful the final.

During the aggravated contest, Stojadinov leveled the people with conscionable 4 seconds to go, forcing a aureate people and past claiming her archetypal World Judo Tour gold.

The medals were awarded by International Judo Federation (IJF) guest, Xinjian Zhou.

“My champion person recovered retired 7 days agone that helium can't proceed doing judo due to the fact that of immoderate aesculapian issues and I promised him that I would combat for some of us. And I’m truly blessed that it ended up with a golden medal due to the fact that I truly wanted to springiness my champion present that I cognize what radical are going done and what tin hap successful life,” said Stojadinov.

Emotional victory

Mascha Ballhaus made a connection successful the 52kg final. Scoring an aboriginal waza-ari against 2 clip World Champion, Shishime Ai, and maintaining the unit to instrumentality what was an affectional triumph and a archetypal World Judo Tour golden medal.

IJF Vice President, Dr Laszlo Toth, presented the medals.

Tajikistan’s Nurali Emomali pulled disconnected an awesome ko-uchi ippon to decision the section hopeful Nurillaev successful the 66kg category, leaving the location assemblage stunned.

Uzbekistan’s Minister of Youth Policy and Sports, Dr Adkham Ikramov, awarded the medals.

Georgian wins eighth gold

In the 57kg category, the experienced Tamaoki Momo of Japan displayed large spot to clasp down Georgian Eteri Liparteliani, winning her eighth golden medal connected the World Judo Tour.

IJF guest, Saken Mussaibekov, was connected manus to grant the medals

As the archetypal time of judo successful Uzbekistan comes to a close, it’s wide that the assemblage has been treated to an unforgettable show of accomplishment and sportsmanship from their location grown talent.

The Uzbek judoka person delivered stunning moments, leaving the assemblage successful awe.

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