Kristina Keneally’s police officer son found guilty of fabricating evidence that saw man jailed for three weeks

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The lad of the erstwhile NSW premier and national legislator Kristina Keneally has been recovered blameworthy of fabricating grounds that wrongfully enactment a antheral successful prison.

Daniel Keneally, 25, was convicted successful the Downing Centre territory tribunal connected Tuesday.

Keneally wrote a connection containing galore falsehoods and Magistrate Rodney Brender rejected his lawyer’s claims that it was an honorable mistake.

The offence related to an incidental wherever Keneally was a fewer hours into a nighttime displacement astatine Newtown constabulary presumption erstwhile Luke Brett Moore called successful February 2021.

Keneally’s written statement, which helium told the tribunal helium felt pressured to marque aft talking to higher-ranking officers, resulted successful Moore being arrested and held successful custody for 3 weeks.

The activistic and laminitis of ISuepolice was aboriginal released connected bail and the complaint dropped, owed to a signaling of the speech made connected his phone.

The recording, taken without Keneally’s knowledge, showed important discrepancies to what was successful the officer’s statement.

These included Keneally naming a constabulary serviceman helium alleged Moore threatened to kill, which had not occurred.

Brender said the speech arsenic recorded by Keneally successful his connection “just didn’t happen”.

“There is nary ground to suggest immoderate different idiosyncratic suggested the contented oregon affected [Keneally’s] memory,” helium said.

The magistrate recovered Keneally knew it was a existent anticipation that grounds of a menace to a constabulary serviceman could pb to a prosecution.

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Keneally besides knew his connection could beryllium utilized successful immoderate tribunal proceedings and would mislead applicable tribunals, the magistrate said.

Keneally volition stay connected bail and beryllium sentenced connected 21 December.

Outside court, Keneally’s lawyer, Paul McGirr, said his lawsuit “holds his caput high”.

“We respect the court’s determination but tin accidental we volition decidedly entreaty connected the ground that my lawsuit ne'er wilfully enactment thing successful a connection that helium knew to beryllium false,” helium said.

“It’s a precise precocious hurdle for the prosecution to prove.”

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