Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai jailed for life for murder of Thomas Roberts

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A convicted triple slayer who sought asylum successful the UK has been sentenced to beingness imprisonment with a minimum word of 29 years aft murdering an aspiring Royal Marine extracurricular a Subway takeaway shop.

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai was connected the tally from execution charges successful Serbia erstwhile helium arrived successful the UK, but his convulsive past went undetected and helium adjacent managed to dupe officials into believing helium was 14 – up to six years younger than his existent age.

According to reports, constabulary were warned 7 times that Abdulrahimzai had been carrying a weapon earlier helium went connected to stab 21-year-old Thomas Roberts successful Bournemouth, Dorset, successful March past year.

The fugitive slayer was besides enactment successful foster attraction connected his accomplishment successful the UK contempt being convicted successful his lack of murdering 2 radical with a Kalashnikov battle firearm successful Serbia.

The Home Office said it volition analyse the “red flags missed” and look astatine the afloat circumstances surrounding the case.

The tribunal antecedently heard that the slayer believed helium was the younger property due to the fact that that was what helium had been told by an uncle portion successful Afghanistan.

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