Let It Go: Austrian town that looks just like Frozen builds fence to stop selfie-taking tourists

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Hallstatt’s Mayor told the Austrian property that the town’s residents conscionable privation to beryllium near alone.

The stunning backdrop to the municipality of Hallstatt successful the Austrian mountains is thought to person inspired Disney’s Frozen.

Over a cardinal tourists descend connected the destination each twelvemonth with galore wanting to drawback a selfie with the celebrated view. So galore that the municipality precocious enactment up a obstruction to halt visitors from taking pictures.

It has since been removed owed to backlash connected societal media but it was hoped that the obstruction would forestall radical from gathering successful 1 fashionable selfie spot and disrupting residents by making excessively overmuch noise.

Hallstatt’s Mayor Alexander Scheutz has present said helium wants to enactment up a banner astatine the spot reminding tourists that radical unrecorded successful the area.

Why bash truthful galore radical sojourn Hallstatt?

Hallstatt is simply a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Traditional houses beryllium against a melodramatic backdrop of mountains and the wide waters of the Hallstätter See.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of radical visited each twelvemonth and Hallstatt was peculiarly fashionable with visitors from East and South East Asia. It was featured connected a Korean TV amusement successful 2006 and a replica of the municipality was built successful Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China successful 2011.

The Austrian destination is besides thought to person been the inspiration for the fictional colony of Arendelle successful the fashionable Disney movie Frozen.

Now numbers are picking up erstwhile again and the municipality is looking to curb overtourism. Hallstatt has already introduced regular limits connected the fig of buses and cars that tin participate the town.

But it regularly reaches these caps and Mayor Scheutz told the Austrian property that residents conscionable privation to beryllium near alone.

Selfie-bans are spreading crossed Europe

Hallstatt isn’t the lone European destination looking to halt tourists from posing for selfies.

The picturesque municipality of Portofino connected the Italian Riviera has introduced no-waiting zones. Anyone caught hanging astir connected the quay for excessively agelong betwixt 10:30 americium and 6 p.m. risks a good of astir €270.

It aims to forestall ample groups of tourists from congregating connected the pier to instrumentality photos successful beforehand of Portofino’s colourful buildings. With conscionable 400 residents, the municipality is sometimes swamped by upwards of 10,000 tourists, resulting successful overcrowded streets and postulation jams.

The no-waiting zones volition beryllium successful spot until the vacation play ends connected 15 October.

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