Life of late TV presenter Paula Yates to be focus of new documentary

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The beingness of TV presenter and writer Paula Yates volition beryllium the absorption of a caller two-part documentary.

The Channel 4 programme volition centre connected 4 "extraordinarily compelling" previously-unheard interviews with Yates, which were recorded successful 1998 and 1999, soon earlier she died of an accidental heroin overdose astatine the property of 41.

Yates was known for her presenting roles connected The Tube and The Big Breakfast but she besides attracted a batch of property attraction arsenic a effect of her matrimony to singer-songwriter Bob Geldof and her narration with vocalist Michael Hutchence.

Head of specializer factual astatine Channel 4 Shaminder Nahal said: "Paula Yates exploded onto our screens successful the precise archetypal week that Channel 4 came connected aerial successful 1982, a whirlwind of wit, verve and charisma - a wholly unsocial style.

"Looking astatine what she achieved now, it feels similar nary 1 has ever rather matched her arsenic a TV presenter.

"So arsenic Channel 4 reflects connected 40 years, it feels close to look astatine her beingness and career, and what an interaction she made.

"As ever, (documentary producers) Curious Films has made a riveting and delicate bid that will, I hope, present Paula to a caller generation."

The documentary volition besides see testimonies from adjacent friends and erstwhile colleagues of Yates's, arsenic good arsenic footage from a fig of different interviews and the programmes she presented.

'A almighty acquisition for today's world'

Yates made her TV debut connected Channel 4 connected 5 November 1982 connected euphony programme The Tube.

She went connected to go a presenter of the channel's meal amusement The Big Breakfast successful 1992, wherever she became known for her On The Bed interviews, which included the likes of Kylie Minogue, Take That and Robin Williams.

Charlene Chika Osuagwu, shaper astatine Curious Films, said: "Paula's conflict to 'have it all', torn betwixt the duties of household beingness and her ain idiosyncratic vocation and happiness successful the magnifying glare of a satellite determined to justice her, supply a almighty acquisition for today's satellite and women warring the aforesaid issues 40 years later."

It is understood that the documentary volition aerial adjacent month.

Yates joined Geldof successful 1986, and they had 3 daughters - Fifi, Peaches and Pixi.

Peaches Geldof besides died of a heroin overdose astatine the property of 25 successful 2014.

After their divorcement successful 1996, Yates went connected to person a child, Tiger Lily, with Hutchence, the pb vocalist of Australian stone set INXS.

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