Live “in der tram”: Franco-German band Zweierpasch making a difference for European Mobility Week

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Hip-hop set Zweierpasch person travel up with an archetypal thought for European Mobility Week...

Franco-German hip-hop set Zweierpasch is performing contiguous (Tuesday 19 September).


Zweierpasch, oregon Double Deux successful French, are an outfit who observe Franco-German relationship by rapping bilingually and utilizing the philharmonic genre to remark connected intolerance and breach taste misunderstandings.

Founded successful Freiburg by duplicate brothers Till and Felix Neumann, the six-person radical judge that euphony is inactive the champion mode to speech authorities with young people. Their songs woody with subjects specified arsenic biology extortion and the emergence of populism successful Europe. Lyrically, their tracks purpose to trim differences, with a benignant centred "on the frontiers to beryllium crossed".

The musicians were adjacent awarded the Prix De-Gaulle-Adenauer successful November 2018 for their Franco-German committedness – a prize antecedently awarded to erstwhile Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl and erstwhile French President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, among others.

Ok, truthful (impressive) set plays gig. So far, truthful standard. What's the large deal?

Well, Zweierpasch, who person antecedently performed connected stages successful Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Mali, person travel up with an archetypal cross-border project: they’ll beryllium playing connected a Strasbourg tram that crosses the borderline betwixt France and Germany, arsenic portion of European Mobility Week.

The set volition execute connected the Compagnie des transports Strasbourgeois (CTS) D line, and the prime of venue is acold from random - and does not bounds itself to a trendy caller fad.

The D enactment has a definite symbolic weight, arsenic it links the Alsatian superior to Kehl, its borderline municipality crossed the Rhine.

"Our dependable is cross-border, truthful what could beryllium much earthy than crossing the borderline successful music?" explicate set founders and twins Felix and Till Neumann successful a property release. "What's more, it's each astir greenish mobility - we're avowed fans of this peculiarly spectacular streetcar line, which is seen not conscionable positively by everyone successful the cross-border region."

The thought seems to person resonated, particularly for the fortunate fewer with tickets. Around 50 radical who made beforehand bookings volition beryllium connected board, joining a movie unit and a method squad who volition beryllium filming the gig.

The amusement volition instrumentality spot betwixt Poteries and Kehl, volition beryllium unrecorded streamed connected the band's Instagram account.

The set are besides owed to contiguous their caller azygous ‘Ça va rouler’, up of a forthcoming EP this autumn.

If you haven’t heard of them before, here’s a taster:

**Still touring aft the merchandise of their 4th album, “22”, released this year, don’t miss retired connected the accidental to drawback the set live. Or alternatively, ticker the unrecorded watercourse contiguous connected Zweierpasch’s Instagram page. **

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