Long Covid: Midwife's anger over new no-pay rule in NHS

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By Colette Hume
BBC Wales News

Sarah Sutton and her daughterImage source, Sarah Sutton

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Sarah, with girl Kyra, feels aggravated with her treatment

A midwife with agelong Covid has said she feels "abandoned and angry".

New NHS sickness lack rules mean Sarah Sutton, 44, from Swansea, volition not beryllium paid aft 1 November unless she is capable to instrumentality to work.

She contracted the microorganism successful 2020 portion moving arsenic a assemblage midwife astatine Neath Port Talbot Hospital.

The Welsh authorities said NHS Wales and commercialized unions agreed the caller Covid sickness lack rules, which began connected 1 July.

Two years aft she contracted the virus, Sarah tin lone locomotion precise abbreviated distances with the assistance of a stick.

She besides finds it hard to drawback her enactment and becomes easy fatigued, truthful the mother-of-four relies connected her spouse and eldest daughters to attraction for her.

New NHS Wales Covid lack rules mean she volition lone person fractional wage from this period and thing from November.

Hospitals tin usage their discretion to widen sick wage to afloat wage "particularly to facilitate a phased instrumentality to work", but Sarah said her contiguous authorities of wellness meant she was improbable to beryllium capable to instrumentality to what she described arsenic her "dream job" successful the adjacent future.

"I can't spot maine being backmost astatine enactment successful November and that's going to mean zero wage and there's thing I tin bash astir it," she said.

She said "abandoned" was the champion connection to picture her situation, adding: "We went and did a job. This was earlier the archetypal lockdown, we didn't person PPE, that's erstwhile radical were stealing thermometers and manus gels and everything from hospitals.

"We didn't person masks and the absorption was each connected handwashing and we present cognize it's airborne, truthful I'm angry.

"I was doing my job, I was looking aft people, I was doing what the NHS does, it cares and past I got ill."

Image source, Sarah Sutton

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Sarah connected vacation earlier the pandemic and contracting Covid

Sarah said she could recognize wherefore employers mightiness not privation to instrumentality connected a agelong Covid sufferer.

"I can't bash a job, I'll request a nap aft this [interview]. There's not going to beryllium galore employers who'll accidental 'that's OK, spell and person a nap whenever you like'.

"I can't absorption connected things for agelong enough, I can't absorption connected a machine surface for agelong enough. What tin I do, who volition reasonably employment me? I wouldn't if I was an employer. I'm not utile successful immoderate way."

Sarah spent "thousands of pounds" connected backstage consultations with a specializer cardiologist successful Cardiff and treatments including oxygen therapy and acupuncture successful a hopeless effort to get well, to nary avail.

Image source, Sarah Sutton

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Sarah continues to conflict with the lasting effects of Covid arsenic the satellite recovers from the pandemic

Sarah graduated with archetypal people honours successful midwifery successful 2019.

But successful March 2020, conscionable 4 months into her occupation arsenic a assemblage midwife, she came location from a displacement astatine Neath Port Talbot Hospital and began experiencing symptoms of fatigue which past turned to trouble breathing.

Her spouse was truthful acrophobic helium called paramedics and she was taken into hospital.

She has not worked since.

Until this period she was connected afloat pay, successful enactment with Welsh authorities Covid sickness lack arrangements.

"My beingness has been brought to a halt, I can't marque immoderate plans. My littlest lad Seth is 10, he'll accidental 'can we bash thing astatine the weekend?' and I'll accidental maybe."

Image source, Sarah Sutton

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After graduating Sarah started her "dream job", but things rapidly changed

Looking astatine photographs taken earlier she contracted Covid, Sarah was a happy, steadfast parent and spouse who enjoyed the outdoors and went to the gym astatine slightest 3 times a week.

But 2 years of unwellness person taken their toll.

Sarah said agelong Covid leaves her truthful bushed and breathless that adjacent taking Seth to a enactment past play was "impossible".

The venue was up a formation of stairs and determination was nary lift.

Also, she could not instrumentality him connected a circuit of his caller secondary school, and alternatively 1 of the different parents took him astir the gathering portion she waited unsocial successful the schoolhouse hall.

Image source, Sarah Sutton

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Sarah present struggles to get astir without help

The microorganism has not lone taken her strength, but her quality to beryllium the genitor she wants to be, and has adjacent destroyed her representation and concentration.

The household is present looking for different ways to support their heads supra h2o financially.

"Especially with things the mode they are, with the outgo of living, it's scary," Sarah said.

Image source, Sarah Sutton

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Sarah was looking guardant to a agelong vocation arsenic a midwife aft graduating

She said she would spell "above and beyond" erstwhile working, similar everyone other successful the NHS, adding: "But it feels similar no-one is warring for maine isolated from maine and I haven't got the energy... particularly erstwhile you're moving connected bare adjacent earlier you get retired of bed."

The BBC approached Sarah's employer, Swansea Bay University Health Board, and was referred to the Welsh government.

A Welsh authorities spokesperson said: "NHS Wales and commercialized unions agreed the arrangements for Covid sickness lack from 1 July to enactment the modulation backmost to existing nationalist presumption and conditions for each absences.

"Organisations tin look astatine idiosyncratic circumstances connected a case-by-case ground and use antithetic wage arrangements."

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