Looking for a flight-free Easter break? Here are 7 amazing European cities to visit by train

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The Easter holidays are rapidly approaching and if you're looking to publication a break, it could beryllium the cleanable clip for a bid adventure. 

Rail routes tin beryllium amazingly accelerated - conscionable 3.5 hours from London to Amsterdam - and adjacent the agelong ones person luxurious sleeper routes to urge them.

Travellers are progressively sharing the joys of dilatory travel. Getting from A to B is simply a pleasance erstwhile you’re immersed successful the varied landscapes of Europe. And more routes than ever are opening up astir Europe which means you tin marque the travel with ease. 

So from taste hubs successful the northbound to sunshine-soaked destinations successful the south, we’ve picked 7 fantastic cities successful Europe that you don’t person to alert to.

For upland scenery: Bern

Switzerland’s postcard-perfect superior is located connected the banks of the crystal wide River Aare and surrounded by the towering quality of the snow-capped Alps. 

Take vantage of the outpouring upwind to embark connected an e-bike tour along route Radwanderroute 888 – Grünes Band Bern oregon stroll done the Rosengarten. 

It’s besides location to 6 kilometres of sheltered sandstone buying arcades packed with autarkic cellar bars, cafés and trade shops. For the champion views implicit the medieval Altstadt (Old Town), ascent the 344 steps up to the apical of Bern Cathedral, the country’s highest religion operation astatine 101 metres.

Direct trains tally to Bern from Paris and Frankfurt successful 4.5 hours. From Brussels and London, the travel takes 7.5 hours with 1 alteration successful the French capital.

For foodie delights: Florence

It’s intolerable to prime conscionable 1 gourmet hotspot successful Europe, but Italy’s enchanting metropolis of Florence is simply a peculiarly mouth-watering choice. 

Emphasising local, sustainable and seasonal food, Tuscan treats specified arsenic schiacciata flatbread and flavourful Florentine steak are often connected the menu. Tuck into tagliatelle made with locally sourced truffle and porcini mushrooms, oregon spell for chaotic boar pappardelle pasta, followed by arguably the champion gelato successful the full country.

Temperatures commencement rising successful March but are inactive mild successful outpouring - the cleanable upwind for sightseeing. 

Night trains scope Florence successful 10 hours from Munich, making the metropolis an perfect destination for sleeper bid holidays. From Geneva, the travel is nether 6.5 hours.

For civilization vultures: Amsterdam

Thanks to celebrated painters similar Van Gogh and Rembrandt, Amsterdam is simply a metropolis of iconic art. 

Home to the Dutch Masters’ works successful the Rijksmuseum and the arsenic engaging modern pieces astatine the Stedelijk, it’s casual to spot wherefore the Netherlands' superior is considered 1 of Europe’s taste hubs. Explore further and you’ll observe plentifulness more, from outdoor sculptures to tiny autarkic galleries.

Amsterdam and the surrounding countryside bursts into beingness during spring. The canals are lined with agleam greenish trees, the city's parks are arguably astatine their champion and tulips - 1 of the Netherlands's astir celebrated exports - statesman to bloom.

To spot these iconic flowers caput to Keukenhof Gardens, conscionable implicit an hr southwest of Amsterdam, betwixt March and May. 

You tin drawback a nonstop bid from Frankfurt to Amsterdam successful 4 hours, from London successful conscionable implicit 3.5 hours and from Paris successful 3.

For sun-soaked sightseeing: Seville

Although a small retired of the way, southern Spain’s Seville is simply a vibrant destination that generously rewards visitors consenting to question those other miles. 

It is 1 of Spain's hottest cities meaning temperatures regularly reach 40°C successful summertime making it astir intolerable to explore. Seville is overmuch milder successful Spring with little temperatures. 

This is simply a metropolis steeped successful history, with architectural highlights ranging from the world’s largest Gothic cathedral to the exquisite Royal Alcázar palace. A sultry, sun-drenched mounting of winding lanes, heavenly tapas and Flamenco dancing, it volition astir decidedly permission its people connected you.

Seville is 2.5 hours by nonstop bid from Madrid. A travel from Paris oregon Lisbon takes 12 to 13 hours.

For intriguing architecture: Cologne

Germany’s Cologne is simply a fascinating blend of past Roman walls and medieval churches. 

The duplicate spires of its Kölner Dom cathedral are an iconic portion of the skyline, and the presumption implicit the city’s eye-catching sprawl from the South Tower is good worthy the 533-step climb. This operation besides houses the world’s largest free-swinging bell, weighing successful astatine 24 tonnes.

Though not arsenic lukewarm arsenic immoderate different destinations connected the list, the upwind starts to amended successful Cologne successful Spring. But beryllium prepared for plentifulness of rainfall and adjacent thunderstorms truthful bring your wet-weather clothing.  

You tin question to Cologne from London successful 4.5 hours, changing successful Brussels. From Paris, the nonstop travel is 3 hours, making it an perfect enactment for your bid holidays successful Europe.

For lush vineyards: Bordeaux

Arguably the vino superior of France, Bordeaux delights visitors with its neat and beauteous vineyards. 

Here you tin circuit immoderate of the hundreds of aristocratic vino estates, oregon châteaux, to larn much astir the wine-making process and illustration the extremity product. 

In the metropolis itself, the ultra-modern Cite du Vin depository is an awesome venue dedicated to bringing vino and its practice to a younger procreation done immersive exhibitions.

If you are readying to sojourn successful April, it mightiness beryllium worthy timing your travel to coincide with 1 of the galore wine festivals and vineyard openings that hap during the month. 

Bordeaux is 2 hours by bid from Paris. You tin get determination from London oregon Amsterdam successful astir 5.5 hours with 1 alteration oregon successful 4.5 hours from Brussels.

For imperial grandeur: Vienna, Austria

Austria’s superior is renowned arsenic the world’s City of Music acknowledgment to a practice that includes Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Strauss. 

Visit the world-famous Musikverein, wherever the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra plays oregon research the interactive exhibits astatine the innovative Haus der Musik museum. Alternatively, observe the imperial bequest near by the Habsburgs astatine the Hofburg Palace, which dates backmost to the 13th period and is 1 of the world’s largest palace complexes.

And if you are visiting successful spring, you'll spot the champion of Vienna's floral displays. Gardens and parks crossed the metropolis are filled with magnolia and cherry blossoms arsenic good arsenic roses and tulips. 

You tin scope Vienna from Paris successful 10 hours with 1 change, oregon from Brussels successful 11. A nonstop travel from Frankfurt takes conscionable 6.5 hours.

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