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My longtime workfellow Luis Cuevas, who has died aged 66 of pancreatic cancer, was an world who specialised successful paediatrics, epidemiology and tropical medicine. For astir of his vocation helium did his probe and teaching astatine the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), which helium joined successful 1985 aft fleeing to the UK from governmental unit successful his autochthonal Guatemala. He was inactive moving astatine the LSTM astatine his death.

Luis’s enactment focused chiefly connected the diagnosis and absorption of diseases of poverty, and 1 of his astir notable achievements was the improvement of a same-day diagnosis attack for tuberculosis, which was adopted by the World Health Organization successful 2011. He was besides progressive successful moving retired ways to diagnose radical with the tropical illness Chikungunya and was astatine the forefront of LSTM’s effect to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 2nd of six siblings, Luis was calved successful Guatemala City, to Rafael Cuevas del Cid, a assemblage lecturer and administrator, and his wife, Ruth (nee Molina). Luis spent his aboriginal years successful Germany and Spain earlier returning to Guatemala City to survey astatine the Austrian schoolhouse erstwhile his begetter became dean of instrumentality and vice-chancellor of the University of San Carlos successful Guatemala City.

Luis aboriginal studied astatine the aforesaid assemblage for degrees successful medicine and science. During an epoch of governmental unit successful Guatemala helium became progressive successful pupil politics, pursuing successful the footsteps of his father, who was a well-known quality rights activistic and protagonist of nationalist labour and farmers’ movements.

After university, Luis did a three-year paediatric residency astatine the University of San Carlos. But passim that clip it was becoming progressively unsafe for him and his wider household to unrecorded successful Guatemala. His younger brother, sister-in-law and nephew joined the thousands of radical who were “disappeared” and successful 1984, astatine the property of 29, Luis decided to permission the state with his past wife, Lucia, and their daughter, Sofia.

In the UK, astatine LSTM, Luis and his probe collaborators recognised that radical from poorer backgrounds successful processing nations often person less opportunities to beryllium diagnosed oregon treated adjacent to home. With that successful caput helium developed, among different things, community-based approaches to diagnosing and treating tuberculosis astatine colony level successful Africa, helping to treble the fig of cases detected and treated successful Ethiopia and Nigeria.

On the teaching beforehand helium supervised much than 150 MSc and 30 PhD students and was caput of LSTM’s section of objective sciences from 2015 to 2018. More oregon little simultaneously helium besides led its tropical objective trials portion (now the planetary wellness proceedings unit) from 2015 to 2019.

Luis’ matrimony to Lucia ended successful divorce. He is survived by his 2nd wife, Rachel (nee Anderson), a nationalist wellness researcher, whom helium joined successful 2003, and their children, Francesca and Miguel, and the 2 daughters from his archetypal marriage, Sofia and Natalia.

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