Lynette Dawson was ‘cowered’ by husband, her sister tells court

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Alleged execution unfortunate Lynette Dawson was greatly distressed earlier she vanished successful 1982 aft becoming “cowered” by her husband, Chris Dawson, a tribunal has been told.

Patricia Jenkins connected Tuesday gave grounds astatine the NSW ultimate tribunal proceedings of Chris Dawson, who is alleged to person murdered his wife, Lynette, successful January 1982.

Dawson, 73, a erstwhile Newtown Jets rugby league subordinate and teacher, has pleaded not blameworthy to murdering the parent of two.

The Crown claims Dawson killed Lynette and disposed of her assemblage due to the fact that of his matter with a precocious schoolhouse student, known arsenic JC.

Dawson’s ineligible squad person argued astatine the proceedings that helium whitethorn person failed his woman arsenic a husband, but helium did not termination her.

In grounds tended connected Tuesday Jenkins told the tribunal that Lynette Dawson initially appeared to person a blessed marriage, but by 1981 determination were tensions successful the Bayview, Sydney, location astir the beingness of JC.

It was told tensions eased erstwhile Dawson near the household successful precocious 1981 but that Lynette Dawson had small wealth and “didn’t cognize what the aboriginal was going to be”.

“She was successful large distress, I could archer by her voice,” Jenkins said.

She agreed Lynette Dawson was intelligent, made autarkic decisions and stood up to people, but said “I deliberation she was cowered” by Dawson by 1981.

Quizzed implicit whether Lynette Dawson could person needed a interruption from what was going connected successful the household, her sister conceded it was a distant possibility.

“There’s ever that small spot of anticipation you’re going to find her,” she said.

Earlier Jenkins successful her grounds became emotional, but declined a interruption successful proceedings, erstwhile recalling a speech with her sister a time oregon 2 earlier Christmas 1981 successful which she was told that Dawson had near the family.

The witnesser said Lynette Dawson told her she came location to find a enactment connected the furniture from Dawson that said: “Don’t overgarment excessively acheronian a representation of maine to the girls”.

She said her sister told her Dawson’s apparel and pillow were gone and that “she didn’t cognize if Chris was coming location again oregon not”, causing her to beryllium upset.

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Jenkins testified her sister told her she was disquieted astir Dawson’s wellness owed to him astatine times being aggravated astatine her, and thought determination whitethorn beryllium a carnal cause.

Jenkins said she spoke of her husband’s “black eyes flashing”, trying to springiness him a hug but being pushed away, and him giving her “such a soiled look”.

The past clip Jenkins talked to her sister was connected New Year’s Day 1982 erstwhile Lynnette Dawson told her of a “sad Christmas” and a yacht enactment that Dawson attended.

“I’ve not seen her since then, not heard from her since then,” Jenkins said.

Also connected Tuesday, Jenkins said she listened to The Teacher’s Pet podcast and met with its creator Hedley Thomas.

“It was precise overwhelming to perceive to it,” Jenkins said.

On Monday, the proceedings heard from Julie Andrew, a person and neighbour of the alleged victim, who testified she saw Dawson lasting implicit his crying wife, screaming astatine her and shaking her shoulders successful the backmost gait of their Bayview, Sydney, location successful precocious 1981 – weeks earlier she disappeared.

The judge-alone proceedings continues.

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