Make a Pull-apart Loaf With Canned Biscuit Dough

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A loaf of breadstuff  successful  a pan.

Credit: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

Biscuits are great. Pull-apart biscuits are fantastic. While there’s thing incorrect with the classical individually baked Pillsbury biscuit, oregon adjacent crescent roll, it’s a small predictable. Of course, the Thanksgiving array is simply a spot for accepted dishes, but see making country for a twist with this unconventional way to meal breadstuff bliss: A pillowy pull-apart loaf of breadstuff made from canned dough.

The cook broadside of maine appreciates a homemade, yeast-raised loaf that you request to portion with a due serrated knife. But there's different broadside of Allie—the artificial ingredients, fast-food loving, talks successful the 3rd person, store-bought broadside of maine that loves the dough conditioned texture of canned meal rolls. Arranging your canned dough successful a loaf cookware gives you the presumption of a crusty loaf of bread, with the soft, stretchy texture of Pillsbury. Plus, peeling a hunk of biscuit disconnected of a larger wide is thoroughly satisfying. 

How to marque a loaf of breadstuff utilizing canned dough

For a biscuit loaf

A biscuit with food  connected  it torn from a loaf.

Credit: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

There’s nary request to food the loaf cookware due to the fact that the dough has plentifulness of fat, but if you’re disquieted astir the dough sticking, spell up and food it oregon enactment it with parchment paper. Using canned biscuit dough is the easiest due to the fact that the biscuits are already shaped. Pop the tin of Pillsbury (or whichever marque you like) and load each biscuit into a loaf cookware connected its side.

Raw biscuits stacked into a loaf pan.

A azygous conduit of Pillsbury biscuits filled this 5 by 10-inch loaf pan. Credit: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

Technically, you could conscionable rotation the full cylinder of dough consecutive into a loaf pan, but I noticed the biscuits burst retired of the pneumatic cardboard rotation separately anyhow. Stack them adjacent to each different truthful they basal up, but springiness them a small country to expand. I shifted them into a flimsy stagger. Then cook the full loaf. 

Since a loaf is much densely packed with dough than the conduit directions are accounting for, I adjusted the cook clip and temperature. I reduced the somesthesia to 325°F and ended up baking them for 35 minutes. The dough browned nicely implicit the apical and became attractively crusty. Be cautious not to instrumentality the loaf retired excessively aboriginal oregon the mediate volition beryllium raw. To forestall this, springiness the loaf a property successful the middle, it should consciousness precise steadfast and not squishy underneath. If you person a probe thermometer, instrumentality it done 1 of the folds successful the halfway and cheque for a somesthesia of astatine slightest 190°F. If thing else, you tin ever usage the ol’ toothpick trial to cheque for a doughy center. 

For a crescent loaf

Small rectangles of dough connected  a cutting board.

Cut the expanse into smaller rectangles and fold them successful fractional to load the loaf pan. Credit: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

Canned crescent rolls travel successful a expanse and request to beryllium shaped, but arsenic agelong arsenic you don’t smash the dough oregon effort to re-work it, immoderate folded signifier volition puff up nicely. I had a crescent rotation expanse (without the perforated triangles) and chopped the dough successful fractional lengthwise, past I chopped each broadside into 5 smaller rectangles. If you person perforations, conscionable pinch them shut. I folded each tiny rectangle successful half, and past enactment it successful a loaf cookware with the folded broadside facing up. I lined up the folded dough to capable up the loaf pan, which takes astir 1 and a fractional tubes of crescent dough for a 5 by 10-inch loaf pan. You don’t request to battalion it tightly due to the fact that they’ll expand, but you don’t privation them to autumn over. Bake the loaf astatine 350°F for 30 minutes.

As with the biscuit loaf, look for a burnished brownish exterior. It should beryllium sturdy erstwhile you property down connected the top, and you tin usage a thermometer to cheque for an interior somesthesia of 190°F. If you usage a toothpick, marque definite it comes retired cleanable with nary gooey dough attached. 

Allow the loaf to chill for a mates minutes successful the cookware earlier you crook it out. Serve the full loaf successful a handbasket for meal oregon connected a sheet to amusement disconnected your creativity. Before you walk the bread, marque definite to teardrop disconnected a hunk of biscuit for yourself. It'll spell fast.

Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

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