Make Sure You Aren’t Using a Scammy ChatGPT Knockoff

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It’s been six months since ChatGPT deed the scene, and the satellite hasn’t been the aforesaid since. From its quality to do seemingly thing you inquire it to, to the mode it kickstarted large tech’s AI revolution, OpenAI’s crown jewel is 1 of the astir important tech releases successful caller memory.

It’s also, now, an app, forced to coexist successful an App Store adjacent to knock-offs and scammy imitators. So marque definite you’re utilizing the existent one.

ChatGPT present has an authoritative app

While ChatGPT seems similar the cleanable acceptable for a mobile app, OpenAI didn’t merchandise you successful the bot’s archetypal six months of life. If you wanted to usage ChatGPT connected the go, you needed to entree it from OpenAI’s website, which, portion usable, doesn’t connection an perfect mobile acquisition by immoderate means.

Now, those of america connected iOS person the enactment to usage an authoritative app instead. OpenAI softly launched the app connected the iOS App Store connected May 18, to U.S. users only. A week later, they opened it up to 11 much countries, including Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, and the UK.

I person to springiness the OpenAI squad props for utilizing haptic feedback truthful good successful the iOS app. When you archetypal footwear it up, its introductory messages are each perfectly synced with haptic vibrations, arsenic are each of ChatGPT’s responses. It’s not needfully important, but I’m a sucker for that level of attraction to detail.

Aside from that, it’s fundamentally the ChatGPT acquisition you already know, optimized for iOS. If you subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month, you tin entree perks similar GPT-4, precedence entree to ChatGPT, entree to beta features, and faster speeds.

The 2 omissions astatine the infinitesimal are plugin support, which could beryllium tricky connected a mobile app successful immoderate case, and an Android version, which OpenAI vaguely says is “next.” You tin download the official iOS ChatGPT app here. Just marque definite that’s the 1 you’re downloading.

There are a lot of fake ChatGPT apps retired there

If you hunt for ChatGPT connected the App Store oregon Play Store, you’ll find an endless oversea of options vying for your attention. But there’s lone 1 authoritative ChatGPT app, and it’s lone connected iPhone.

As you tin astir apt guess, 99% of these apps are third-party garbage. We covered 1 of them earlier this year, based connected reporting by MacRumors. “ChatGPT Chat GPT AI With GPT-3" (nothing suspicious there) enticed funny customers with a escaped download, arsenic good arsenic branding that made it look similar an authoritative OpenAI app astatine archetypal glance. Of course, that wasn’t existent astatine all.

In short, the app offered you entree to ChatGPT connected their terms, which meant they could enactment barriers that didn’t beryllium with the existent deal, including placing limits connected the fig of queries you could inquire arsenic good arsenic showing you ads. It charged $7.99 per week, oregon $49.99 per year, for a work that you could get for free.

The app was removed from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store backmost successful January, but the archetypal App Store nexus present brings you to an “AI Chat - Chatbot AI Assistant” app with akin branding. It comes with a three-day escaped trial, past charges $69.99 for the year. (I conjecture adjacent scamming isn’t immune to inflation.)

This is conscionable 1 illustration of the BS users person to woody with erstwhile looking for a ChatGPT app. While OpenAI’s app present ranks astatine the apical of a “ChatGPT” search, it inactive falls beneath one of Apple’s ads, which is usually pushing different fake ChatGPT app.

It’s an ad, not the authoritative  ChatGPT app.

It’s an ad, not the authoritative ChatGPT app.Screenshot: Jake Peterson

Ignore the junk: You tin download OpenAI’s ChatGPT app close now, and cheque retired what the AI hullabaloo is each about. If you privation to wage for it, you can, and you’ll person immoderate large perks for your money. But you tin besides get a afloat AI acquisition without paying OpenAI (or a scammer) a dime.

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