Make Ultra-Tender Biscuits With Oat Flour

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The quest for tender biscuits ever starts retired the same—smashing butter, flour, and liquid together—and yet, it tin extremity successful each sorts of ways. Besides the occasionally dry, crunchy biscuit, the astir predominant bittersweet effect is simply a pugnacious and rubbery biscuit from overworking the dough. Short of becoming a Southern grandma, determination is simply a mode to minimize the likelihood of a pugnacious biscuit, adjacent if you bash thin to muck-about with your dough excessively long. Instead of relying connected conventional, gluten-filled flour: Make oat flour biscuits instead.

When making tender biscuits, oregon immoderate pastry for that matter, we are ever warring against gluten development. Contrarily, we besides need to make gluten, truthful the biscuit, pastry shell, oregon puff pastry tin clasp its signifier and execute different important duties, similar holding aerial pockets and leavening. Striking the cleanable equilibrium of gluten improvement is usually wherever bakers person difficulty. Underwork the dough and determination won’t beryllium capable gluten to clasp it unneurotic astatine all, making it intolerable to signifier and adjacent resulting successful dry, cracked pastry. Overwork the pastry and the gluten becomes truthful beardown that you suffer flakiness, height, and the quality to wound it with your earthy teeth.

In bid to formulate a little finicky biscuit recipe, I decided to instrumentality retired a ample percent of the gluten causing all-purpose flour, and regenerate it with oat flour. This drastically reduces the gluten contented by astir 87%, which means you don’t person to accent astir each stir, oregon doing 1 fold excessively many. There are different gluten-free flours retired there, but I similar oat flour successful this exertion due to the fact that it presents a akin texture to all-purpose flour with a precise subtle oat taste, and charming knobbly texture. Other gluten-free flours are made with beans oregon starchy roots, and though those are utilized successful plentifulness of recipes, they tin person unwanted flavors, gummy textures, oregon necessitate galore companion ingredients. Oat flour is simply a 1:1 ratio, and you tin make it astatine home by dumping old-fashioned oats into a nutrient processor and blending it for 2 minutes.

Please enactment that this is not a gluten-free recipe; it’s much of a low-gluten recipe. If you person gluten allergies oregon different gluten restrictions, this whitethorn not beryllium the biscuit for you. However, it is the biscuit for you if you similar oats, oregon if you conscionable can’t look to halt overworking your biscuit dough to the constituent wherever you’ve considered giving up. Although oat flour has amended binding abilities than galore different gluten-free flours owed to its disposable gelatinous starches, it can’t bash it all. A 4th cupful of all-purpose flour is near successful the premix to clasp it together, on with a small cornstarch.

This biscuit dough is made the aforesaid mode accepted buttermilk biscuits are made. Mix each of your adust ingredients unneurotic successful a mean sized bowl, and adhd chunks of acold butter. Blend the food successful the mode you usually bash (break, pinch, usage a pastry blender, chopped with 2 knives, usage a fork, grate it in—you sanction it, I similar it), until the food is astir the size of unshelled edamame oregon a small smaller, but don’t spell smaller than pea-sized. Add the buttermilk and premix with a fork oregon plastic-bowl-scraper until it conscionable holds together. Dump the dough onto a lightly floured aboveground and pat it into a ½-inch heavy rectangle with your digit tips. Do a letter-fold onto itself (fold the dough successful thirds, similar the bills you get successful the mail), and usage a rolling pin to mildly rotation it retired until it’s ¾-inch heavy rectangle. Use a circular cutter oregon a weapon to marque six biscuits. Egg lavation them and cook successful a 425°F oven for 15 minutes.

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These oat flour biscuits volition capable your room with an toasty aroma that astir radical won’t beryllium capable to enactment their digit on. Not rather oatmeal oregon granola, the odor of oats and food has a caramelized, nutty fragrance. The finished biscuits are truthful tender, it lone takes a small unit to peel disconnected a toasty layer. These biscuits are unsweetened due to the fact that I similar the enactment of throwing an ovum connected top, but you could adhd a tablespoonful of sweetener to the adust ingredients if you admit a somewhat saccharine biscuit. For a cozy autumn breakfast, slather these babies successful a compound food of cinnamon, honey, and a interaction of salt.

Tender Oat Flour Biscuits


  • 1 ¾ cups oat flour
  • ¼ cupful all-purpose flour
  • 1 ½ teaspoons cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoonful baking powder
  • ½ spoon baking soda
  • 1 spoon salt
  • 1 instrumentality acold food (4 ounces)
  • 4 ounces buttermilk
  • Egg lavation (optional)

Preheat oven to 425°F. Line a expanse tray with parchment paper.

In a mean bowl, blend the archetypal six ingredients. Cut chunks of acold food into the adust mixture. Use your fingers, oregon immoderate instrumentality of choice, to pinch and interruption the food into the adust substance until the food pieces are astir the size of unshelled edamame beans and nary smaller than peas. Add the buttermilk and usage a fork to premix it successful until it mostly holds unneurotic and determination is not overmuch adust substance astatine the bottom.

Lightly flour a countertop and dump the biscuit dough retired onto the floured surface. Using your fingertips, stitchery the dough to assertion immoderate adust bits that person tried to escape. Flatten the wide into a ½-inch heavy rectangle. Do a letter-fold to make 3 layers of dough. Use a rolling pin to mildly rotation retired the dough, keeping the rectangular shape, until it is astir ¾-inch thick. Using a circular biscuit cutter, oregon a weapon to marque squares, chopped retired six biscuits. Depending connected however you similar to cook biscuits, spot them with the scraps (or without) connected the lined baking sheet. Egg lavation lone the tops of the dough (don’t fto it drip down the sides).

Bake successful a 425°F oven for 15 minutes. The biscuits volition beryllium aureate brownish connected top, and brushed but set. Enjoy hot, oregon country somesthesia with food and honey, oregon with sausage gravy. These biscuits freeze, good wrapped, for up to 3 months. To revive them, toast them successful a 350°F oven for 5-10 minutes.

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