Man guilty of manslaughter after fatal Surfers Paradise brawl over stolen hot chips

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A Sydney antheral has been recovered blameworthy of the manslaughter of a Brazilian nationalist astatine Surfers Paradise successful 2019 during a brawl implicit stolen blistery chips.

Ricky Kevin Lefoe, 32, stood proceedings this week successful the Brisbane ultimate tribunal accused of the unlawful sidesplitting of Ivan Patricio Susin, past aged 29, during the thoroughfare brawl.

After 2 days of grounds and last directions from main justness Helen Bowskill connected Wednesday morning, the assemblage returned its verdict wrong a mates of hours.

In tribunal connected Wednesday, Lefoe held his caput successful his manus and Susin’s household members successful the nationalist assemblage gasped arsenic the verdict was work out.

Lefoe’s barrister, Patrick McCafferty, sought a 2 oregon three-week adjournment to get a pre-sentence report. Bowskill ordered that Lefoe’s sentencing beryllium held astatine a day to beryllium fixed.

During the trial, crown prosecutors and Lefoe’s defence agreed that helium punched Susin conscionable aft 1am connected 1 October 2019 extracurricular an Orchid Street kebab shop, causing him to autumn and endure caput injuries that claimed his beingness 10 days later.

The fatal stroke resulted from a brawl that started erstwhile Lefoe’s intoxicated friend, Shaun Simpson, grabbed astatine a instrumentality of chips that 2 of Susin’s friends were eating from portion sitting extracurricular connected a bench.

The assemblage was repeatedly shown CCTV footage taken from extracurricular the kebab store that showed the full incident, including Susin’s effort to intervene and the punch that yet killed him.

Three bystanders testified that they heard shouting earlier and during the brawl but could not callback oregon did not perceive the words that were used.

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One witnesser testified they saw Susin effort a “haymaker” punch and agreed with McCafferty that it was “delivered with large force”.

Kebab store idiosyncratic Yousef Majed Abu Meizer testified that Susin appeared drunk and wrong a substance of seconds helium near the shop, punched oregon pushed 1 of the 2 men who started the combat and was past knocked down.

McCafferty told the assemblage his lawsuit took enactment due to the fact that Susin had attempted to propulsion a almighty punch astatine his person from behind.

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