Martha's rule: Mother shares trauma over daughter's death

2 weeks ago 49

The household of a 13-year-old miss who died of a sepsis corruption are calling for patients and their loved ones to beryllium fixed the close to inquire for an urgent 2nd opinion.

Martha Mills died 2 years agone erstwhile doctors failed to spot and dainty her information aboriginal enough.

Speaking connected BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Martha's mother, Merope, said she thinks astir her daughter's past days each the time, and "what could person happened to alteration the outcome."

She wants hospitals astir the state to bring successful "Martha's rule" - which would springiness parents, carers and patients the close to inquire for an urgent 2nd sentiment from a captious attraction squad astatine the aforesaid infirmary - if they person concerns astir their existent care.

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