Maybe Don't Update 'Tears of the Kingdom'

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For a crippled arsenic analyzable arsenic The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it’s remarkably bug-free. You tin tally astir Hyrule, physique immoderate you want, and dive from the entity each time without encountering a azygous issue. Still, arsenic with each software, a fewer glitches person popped up, which Nintendo has present patched successful the latest update. Your Switch volition adjacent mildly punctual you the adjacent clip you occurrence up Zelda to instal it. If you do, however, you’ll suffer entree to a fewer glitches that are really amusive to use.

As reported by IGN, Nintendo’s latest spot for Tears of the Kingdom, mentation 1.1.2, has softly fixed the bulk of glitches the Zelda assemblage has travel to larn and emotion since the game’s release. That’s not what Nintendo claims it patched, of course: There are lone 2 bugs highlighted successful 1.1.2's merchandise notes, including an contented that would play dependable astatine an “extremely precocious volume” successful circumstantial situations, arsenic good arsenic an contented with the “Camera Work successful the Depths” quest that could halt your game.

Say farewell to infinite point duplication

What the merchandise notes neglect to notation is the glitches you whitethorn person seen stroke up online (or possibly tried retired for yourself) are besides gone. The point duplication glitch was a idiosyncratic favorite—a bug that made it casual to duplicate immoderate attachable point you wanted to. But determination were plentifulness of different glitches that fans loved to exploit; Kotaku adjacent compiled a list: There was “zuggling,” successful which you stacked bows connected apical of each different to summation onslaught potential. “Autobuild Cancel Slide” fto you thrust connected apical of level items with ease. There was adjacent a glitch that fto you transportation the Master Sword betwixt crippled files, which would render it unbreakable.

However, Kotaku besides discovered 1.1.2 doesn’t hole every glitch. You’ll inactive person entree to “infinite jump,” which lets you support jumping arsenic agelong arsenic you want; the Tulin paraglider velocity glitch, which lets you widen the boost you get from Tulin’s upwind gust; arsenic good arsenic the bug that lets you motorboat yourself into the entity utilizing woody planks and spears. Presumably, Nintendo volition spot these and different discovered glitches successful mentation 1.1.3 and beyond, but it’s bully to cognize you tin inactive exploit a fewer prime bugs adjacent aft an update.

If you privation to sphere the fond memories of the archetypal mates weeks of Tears, however, clasp onto that 1.1.1 mentation for arsenic agelong arsenic you can. You paid $70 for the game, aft all. If you privation to marque arsenic galore weaponry flowers arsenic you want, that’s your prerogative!

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