Medicare taskforce urged to let patients see nurses, physiotherapists or counsellors instead of GPs

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Allied wellness groups are urging the national authorities to see caller Medicare backing models to fto patients spot nurses, physiotherapists oregon counsellors arsenic their archetypal constituent of call, saying overcrowded GPs with agelong waiting lists cannot stay arsenic the sole introduction constituent for the aesculapian system.

Labor’s strengthening medicare taskforce, to study wrong weeks, is expected to recommend large changes to wellness backing and expanding rebates to much services. Several taskforce members extracurricular wide practice, including the Allied Health Professionals Australia nationalist chair, Antony Nicholas, said a shortage of GPs means radical request much entree points to person care.

“General signifier has served Australia good with prime attraction but implicit the past decennary it’s been a gradual diminution … intelligibly we request thing different,” helium said.

“We person a superior healthcare strategy hinged connected GPs being the gatekeeper to care, and if that’s already challenging and lone going to get worse, past determination person to beryllium different alternatives.”

As Labor promises the “biggest revamp” to Medicare successful history, with a $750m committedness to money taskforce recommendations, nonrecreational groups are jockeying for their portion of the pie. Nicholas said determination was complexity successful the statement due to the fact that portion organisations specified arsenic the Australian Medical Association and Royal Australian College of General Practitioners advocated boosting Medicare rebates for GP appointments to promote much bulk-billing doctors, others backed antithetic options to judge patients.

“There’s nary 1 metallic bullet,” helium said. “We mightiness request 3 oregon 4 antithetic models, possibly not conscionable 1 exemplary volition lick it for everybody.”

The wellness minister, Mark Butler, said the authorities would clasp a absorption connected fee-for-service care, but enactment much currency into “block” backing for patients with analyzable conditions who necessitate teams of specialists. This aims to amended assets unit to coordinate treatments and make attraction plans.

Nicholas said allied wellness groups wanted much backing done Primary Health Networks, which would past money allied health. He suggested skirting GP shortages by allowing different professionals to go the “coordinator” of a person’s attraction plan.

“It’s evidently important the GP is involved, but successful immoderate models, it’s different person’s occupation to beryllium the coordinator if you request to spot a dietician, podiatrist oregon physiotherapist,” Nicholas said. “That’s antithetic to the GP diagnostician being successful power of your healthcare.

“Many signifier nurses are giving radical this proposal now, there’s conscionable nary billing exemplary for it. People mightiness walk much clip with the caregiver than the doc already.”

He said Australians were presently “reliant” connected GPs to statesman care, “but they shouldn’t person to be”.

Others successful allied wellness judge Australia’s aesculapian strategy is approaching a “tipping point” wherever a shortage of GPs whitethorn necessitate larger changes to wellness structures.

“No azygous wellness practitioner oregon subject tin negociate the analyzable attraction of truthful galore radical successful the community,” said Karen Booth, who is the president of the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association and a subordinate of the Medicare taskforce.

“All these different wellness professionals are contributing to diligent care, but it’s not funded adequately truthful they tin stock the load,” she said.

Booth was captious of nurses not being amended resourced to spot patients. She suggested nurses beryllium funded to dainty patients with chronic conditions requiring regular non-acute appointments to escaped up GPs to dainty patients with much urgent needs.

“The backing exemplary funds doc services alternatively than the enactment of the patient,” she said. “We request to alteration our thinking.”

The president of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Scott Willis, agreed. He is advocating for much Medicare backing to let radical to straight be a physiotherapist oregon different wellness work arsenic their archetypal visit.

“In this era, each conditions don’t request to beryllium controlled by a GP,” Willis said. “A batch do, but determination are areas of attraction different wellness professionals tin assistance successful assisting [to] trim the burden.

“One successful six presentations to a GP are for musculoskeletal concern. If you instrumentality that retired of the equation, and it’s a physiotherapist taking that role, you alleviate the load of GPs and assistance patients.”

He criticised “legislative barriers” that meant patients couldn’t get a Medicare-backed specialist’s sojourn successful the archetypal instance.

“Patients tin spot a physiotherapist if they wage for it successful the backstage sector, and that works precise well, but it tin besides enactment nether Medicare for idiosyncratic needing acute attraction for backmost symptom oregon a genu injury,” Willis said. “A physiotherapist could beryllium a archetypal interaction practitioner if funded by Medicare, to spot if they request to person a scan oregon MRI.

“I hold with the curate that we can’t support pumping much wealth into the aforesaid strategy and expect it to service the assemblage the mode we want.”

Willis said much artifact backing would pb to amended diligent outcomes for analyzable needs, by encouraging professionals to make coordinated attraction plans and pass amended betwixt services.

Booth said the determination from purely fee-for-service would payment patients.

“The existent backing mechanics means a signifier lone gets paid erstwhile a diligent turns up to spot the doctor,” she said. “It doesn’t money reasoning ahead, large picture.”

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