Meet Diia: the Ukrainian app used to do taxes … and report Russian soldiers

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It is the award-winning app that allows Ukrainians to study Russian soldiers successful their neighbourhoods portion besides uploading their taxation returns, renewing their passports oregon claiming a escaped pupil autobus fare.

Now the lawman premier minister, Mykhailo Federov, has revealed the wrong communicative of however 25 developers, who were acceptable connected transforming Ukraine into 1 of the world’s astir digitally precocious societies, person kept the state moving during wartime.

Federov, 32, told members of the European parliament the ngo began by reasoning similar a start-up company: to make an app that was arsenic casual to usage arsenic Whatsapp oregon Now, the squad is moving to marque it an open-source instrumentality that Ukraine tin springiness to different countries to physique a integer nationalist infrastructure.

Within 8 hours of launching successful September 2019, the app, called Diia, meaning “action”, had 2m users.

Its peacetime services see authoritative tasks, specified arsenic registering a commencement oregon marriage, oregon renewing a passport, but aft Russia invaded, usage of the app rocketed arsenic it was commandeered for the wartime effort.

“After hostilities broke retired we thought: what did the citizens of Ukraine need? They needed money, protection, compensation erstwhile rockets deed their house,” Federov said. Now, for example, the app allows victims of Russian bombings to use for funds to repair damaged buildings and to proceed to perceive to the vigor during blackouts.

It besides permits the instauration of a integer “evacuation document” combining each idiosyncratic accusation successful 1 spot to “accelerate recognition astatine checkpoints”; “e-aid” fiscal enactment for tiny businesses “to support the system going”; authorities backed mortgages for subject and cardinal workers, and “e-enemy” – a chat bot to study the determination of Russian troops.

The Ukrainian app Diia that allows citizens to wage taxes, study force troops oregon renew their passport and 117 different things from their phone. Mykhailo Federov the lawman premier curate told however they approached the app similar a “start up” but without the nett motive

— Lisa O'Carroll (@lisaocarroll) May 25, 2023

Dragos Tudorache, a Romanian MEP and co-rapporteur connected the European parliament committee assessing the Artificial Intelligence Act, said: “It is genuinely singular however Ukraine has managed to marque important strides successful this integer transition, a modulation that has yet to beryllium achieved by some, adjacent successful times of peace.”

With politicians worldwide often held successful debased regard, Federov told however they acceptable astir gathering spot successful the app by putting radical first, making the app “human centred”.

The swift take-up of the authorities app is astir surely fuelled by the enactment for the warfare and spot successful President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s approach, and is improbable to beryllium mirrored successful different countries, specified arsenic the UK, wherever spot successful authorities departments whitethorn beryllium successful shorter supply.

The app is present installed connected 19m devices, 70% of each astute phones, and has go a exemplary for governments each astir the satellite trying to digitize services.

 Ukrainian lawman  premier  minister, Mykhailo Federov, MEP Dragos Tudorache and enforcement  vice-president of the European Commission Magrethe Verstager.
R to L: Ukrainian lawman premier minister, Mykhailo Federov, MEP Dragos Tudorache and enforcement vice-president of the European Commission Magrethe Verstager. Photograph: Lisa O’Carroll

Samantha Power, the head of the United States Agency for International Development, connected Tuesday said it was helping countries including Colombia, Kosovo and Zambia to adopt their ain mentation of the Diia code. Estonia, an e-governance leader, is besides utilizing parts of it.

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Federov said: “A batch of officials successful antithetic countries hide that quality behaviour nowadays is astir clicking a fewer clicks. It is not astir circles of hell, wasting people’s time.

“We acted much similar a start-up, not similar a nationalist assemblage company,” Federov told MEPs, encouraging an “an agile absorption culture” headed by conscionable 25 developers.

“We looked astatine Uber, Airbnb,, mobile banking. You tin talk astir integer acquisition but look however aged radical are getting utilized to technology. They mightiness accidental they don’t privation to woody with their slope online but they are precise speedy to usage WhatsApp to nonstop a comic postcard to their grandchildren,” helium said.

Maksym Svysenko, 22, a Ukrainian instrumentality and tech pupil visiting Brussels said helium had utilized it from the start, arsenic had his parents and grandparents.

“To maine it represents state to bash things, and state to proceed to bash everything since the invasion,” helium said. “It allowed truthful galore radical to transverse the border. If you spell overseas and you don’t person oregon you person mislaid your passport you tin conscionable spell to the embassy and amusement them Diia. You don’t person to fig retired however to beryllium who you accidental you are.”

He said helium besides utilized it connected section autobus services to beryllium helium qualified for a escaped fare and enjoyed the monthy authorities surveys, including a caller canvass asking the nationalist however streets named aft Russians should beryllium renamed.

Asked whether helium had immoderate privateness concerns, helium said: “The main happening that makes Diaa truthful palmy is the bully relations betwixt authorities and citizens.”

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