Meet the adventurer who visited all Seven Wonders of the World in less than a week

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Jamie McDonald aka Adventureman gained a caller Guinness World Record aft visiting each Seven Wonders of the World successful little than 7 days.

Jamie McDonald is nary alien to adventure. He’s tally crossed Canada and the USA and cycled from Bangkok to his location successful the UK. He’s earned himself the nickname, Adventureman and rightly so.

His latest jaunt saw him interruption a Guinness World Record for visiting the Seven Wonders of the Modern World successful little than 7 days.

And though Jamie says he’s “still pinching [him]self astatine the accidental to spot each the Wonders”, helium wouldn’t urge anyone other effort the feat successful specified a abbreviated abstraction of time.

“I indispensable person slept 12 hours successful the abstraction of 7 days,” says Jamie.

“It's similar a dream. It’s like, ‘did it really happen’?”

What are the Seven Wonders of the World?

Jamie’s escapade started successful the eastbound astatine the Great Wall of China and helium rapidly worked his mode westbound crossed the satellite arsenic helium ticked disconnected each Wonder.

The travel required immoderate aggravated readying and scheduling to coordinate 13 flights, 16 taxis, 9 buses, 4 trains and 1 toboggan.

His 2nd halt was the Taj Mahal successful India followed by Petra successful Jordan.

“I'd ne'er adjacent heard of Petra successful Jordan earlier and truthful I didn't truly cognize what to expect.

“But erstwhile we arrived, I mean, it was magical.”

The 4th Wonder connected the itinerary was backmost successful Europe and the lone Wonder Jamie had antecedently seen - Rome’s Colosseum.

After that it was a speedy hop implicit the Atlantic to tick disconnected Christ the Redeemer successful Brazil and Machu Picchu successful Peru earlier finishing his grounds breaking travel successful Chichen Itza successful Mexico.

“The 1 that truly took my enactment distant was erstwhile I ended up getting to the apical of the upland to spot Machu Picchu,” explains Jamie.

“It was the astir magical wonderment and I felt similar I needed to spell backmost and really instrumentality my kids with maine to spot it done their eyes.”

Is it hard to program specified a large adventure?

“I'm the worst planner successful the satellite truthful this benignant of situation for maine was conscionable my thought of a nightmare,” explains Jamie.

Jamie was acceptable the situation to effort and interruption the satellite grounds by question tech institution Travelport. They booked each 43 steps of Jamie’s journey.

“At 1 constituent I ended up getting mislaid successful a terminal and missing a flight from Rome to Lisbon, and I thought that was it. It was over,” Jamie recalls.

Fortunately for him, helium was booked a spot connected the adjacent formation and his grounds effort was saved.

A pugnacious commencement successful beingness acceptable Jamie connected the way to adventure

“I emotion travelling, I've got this zest for adventure, but it does request to beryllium meaningful now,” says Jamie.

As a kid Jamie spent galore years successful infirmary with a uncommon spinal information called syringomyelia. Doing sport, and with tons of aesculapian help, his wellness dilatory improved until helium was afloat mobile.

Years aboriginal erstwhile helium was redeeming up to bargain a house, Jamie felt drawn to revisit the infirmary wherever he’d spent truthful overmuch of his childhood.

He was truthful moved by the enactment they bash that helium decided to scrap buying a location and alternatively commencement a foundation to rise money for sick children.

In 2014, aft coming up with the sanction Adventureman. Jamie acceptable up the Super Foundation. It helps families who are raising funds to wage for attraction which the UK’s nationalist wellness work doesn’t provide.

“I took connected the situation due to the fact that Travelport said if I acceptable the satellite record, they would make a donation to my charity for each mile we travelled.”

“22,000+ miles truthful they made a donation of $22,000 (€20,350) to a kid with cerebral palsy. He’s got symptom successful his legs and helium struggles to walk. So this donation is going to beryllium truly beingness changing for him.”

Watch the video supra to travel Jamie’s record-breaking adventure.

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