Meet the Canadian family taking a world tour before the children lose their sight

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After a devastating diagnosis, this household is taking the travel of a lifetime.

Three of Sebastien Pelletier and Edith Lemay’s 4 children person a uncommon genetically inherited information called retinitis pigmentosa.

It leads to a gradual degeneration of the retina, the light-sensitive insubstantial astatine the backmost of the eye. People with the information gradually suffer their show and the velocity of their imaginativeness nonaccomplishment tin alteration dramatically.

So Sebastian and Edith person embarked connected a household escapade to spot and acquisition the wonders of the world earlier it's excessively late.

Why did the household determine to question astir the world?

Mia, present 13, was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa astatine the property of 3 aft her parents noticed however clumsy she was, particularly astatine night. Seven-year-old Colin and five-year-old Laurent were besides aboriginal diagnosed with the condition. Only Leo, their 2nd eldest child, is unaffected.

“It’s benignant of a blow, wherever you can’t judge it. Then you effort to accidental ‘this can’t beryllium happening to us’ past you get mad, etcetera,” says Sebastien.

“So, it’s a full process of trying to get implicit thing that’s atrocious and effort to alteration it into thing that’s not needfully amended but is mean and is portion of life.”

After a specializer suggested they assistance hole the children by showing them photos of places, animals and landscapes, the household decided to bash 1 better.

“I decided that, OK, I’m not going to amusement her elephants and giraffes successful books, I’m going to spell amusement her successful existent life… and capable their representation with arsenic overmuch beauteous things arsenic we could,” Edith explains.

And truthful began their round-the-world trip.

Building memories that volition past a lifetime

Sebastien and Edith chose the destinations but the children besides got a accidental successful the planning.

“We did a bucket-list of activities they wanted to bash connected the trip, truthful we had horseback riding; we had learning to surf; sleeping connected a train. Laurent really wanted to portion foodstuff connected a camel for immoderate unusual reason. We thought it was truly funny. He was 4 astatine the clip but helium was adamant - ‘I privation to portion foodstuff connected a camel,’” says Edith.

They acceptable retired a twelvemonth agone and person truthful acold been to 10 countries. Most precocious they went to Bangkok, Thailand, wherever they visited past taste sites and glittering riverside temples. Next connected the database is Nepal.

Soon the children volition instrumentality to regular schooling successful Canada aft astir a twelvemonth of travel. The sights and sounds of their travel volition go memories but ones their parents anticipation volition past a lifetime.

Watch the video supra to spot the household question astir the world.

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