Menopause Retreats Are the Latest in Wellness Travel

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A increasing fig of spas and resorts are offering programs that people the changes of perimenopause and menopause. The biggest payment whitethorn beryllium the accidental to enslaved with different women going done the aforesaid thing.

In the foreground, 2  women beryllium   cross-legged connected  yoga mats with their eyes closed. Behind them 2  different   women tin  beryllium  seen.
A people astatine the Kripalu Center successful Stockbridge, Mass., which is holding its archetypal menopause-focused retreat this month. Credit...Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Sept. 4, 2023, 5:01 a.m. ET

With a increasing fig of women approaching the property of hormonal changes — by 2025, astir 1.1 cardinal women worldwide volition person experienced menopause — the question manufacture is catering to a caller niche: Women who privation assistance dealing with everything from blistery flashes to temper swings, with possibly immoderate classical spa treatments thrown in.

Menopause-centered offerings alteration widely, from mindfulness techniques to herbal remedies to nutritional guidance and exercise. Sometimes, the astir important enactment is conscionable the accidental to enslaved with different women facing the aforesaid issues, experts say. “There’s a large healing and find erstwhile a radical of radical are going done a akin circumstance,” said Melissa Biggs Bradley, the laminitis and main enforcement of Indagare, a membership-based question institution that precocious announced its archetypal midlife and menopause retreat.

At the Six Senses Hotel & Spa successful Portugal’s Douro Valley, I precocious took portion successful a three-day bespoke menopause retreat to woody with my nighttime sweats, migraines, associated symptom and temper swings, and to get a greater knowing of the hormonal roller coaster I’ve been connected (rooms starting astatine 850 euros oregon astir $924). After a wellness screening, I was fixed a tailored docket to nurture and equilibrium my aging, changing body. First up was a personalized spot grooming league — squats, lunges, planks and absorption set exercises — to remedy my associated symptom and physique bone.


A attraction country astatine the Six Senses Hotel & Spa successful Portugal’s Douro Valley, which offers treatments designed to code the symptoms of menopause. Credit...Six Senses Douro Valley

For my excessively adust skin, I was fixed a collagen-boosting facial — collagen accumulation decreases with the nonaccomplishment of estrogen that accompanies menopause — replete with serums and a disguise for hydration. To trim inflammation, I trembled during a regular acold plunge, followed by 15 minutes successful an infrared sauna. The finale consisted of a 30-minute bio-hacking treatment, during which I wore thigh-high compression boots — deliberation pulsating, vibrating currents moving up and down your legs — to heighten lymphatic drainage and unbend sore muscles; listened to a guided meditation done headphones portion wearing an eye-mask; and experienced infrared airy stimulation connected my face, which is said to heal the compartment renewal process and again, stimulate collagen.

At the end, my full assemblage felt relaxed, but what it each added up to is hard to say. Dr. Lauren Streicher, a objective prof of obstetrics and gynecology astatine Northwestern University and big of the Menopause Podcast, is skeptical erstwhile it comes to claims that spa treatments volition trim the symptoms of menopause. Dr. Streicher warns women to beware of aesculapian claims made by spas. “It’s OK if you privation to speech to different menopausal women, stock accusation and get support,” she said. “The occupation is erstwhile accusation is presented arsenic if it’s scientific. It tin beryllium manipulative to accidental a smoothie volition marque your vagina little dry.”

If you’re seeking aesculapian proposal astir your symptoms — which immoderate destinations connection — Dr. Streicher advises knowing what specifically you are seeking to address, and recommends consulting with a licensed doc if you are considering semipermanent solutions, specified arsenic hormone replacement therapy.

Ms. Biggs Bradley said she decided to connection a menopause retreat due to the fact that “so galore conversations connected our trips person steered to the carnal changes of the 40s and 50s and however to navigate them. Women were starved for information.”

When it comes to menopause travel, Dr. Heather Hirsch, laminitis of the Menopause & Midlife Clinic astatine Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and writer of “Unlock Your Menopause Type,” sees the top benefits successful presumption of self-care, assemblage and education. “The information that you’re carving retired this clip and resources for yourself, which women successful midlife don’t bash precise often, is an important thing,” said Dr. Hirsch.


The Kripalu Center offers entree to the outdoors, including on the shores of the Stockbridge Bowl. Credit...Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

There are each benignant of products claiming to trim symptoms, and a retreat tin beryllium a bully mode to get ideas and trial products earlier committing to a purchase. These getaways are improbable to alleviate your consistent, long-lasting symptoms, but Dr. Hirsch said, “even if the infrared disguise makes your tegument consciousness large for a fewer weeks, it is the operation of self-care, assemblage and acquisition that volition enactment for overmuch longer.”

Here are a fewer getaways with circumstantial perimenopause and menopause programs. What they each person successful communal is simply a absorption connected facing the inevitable hormonal changes that travel with the aging pistillate body.

The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, in Stockbridge, Mass., volition beryllium hosting its archetypal menopause-focused retreat from Sept. 15 to 17, called “Unearthing the Wisdom of Menopause Rituals for Self-Care and Discovery.” The play — guided by 2 members of Kripalu’s pb module — volition absorption little connected symptoms and much connected adjusting to wide bodily change. There volition beryllium a operation of discussion, sharing circles, yoga, enactment practices, tools from Ayurveda (the holistic attack of India’s past aesculapian system), and a occurrence ritual to observe the “journey of transformation.” The retreat includes meals and entree to the center’s grounds ($299 positive accommodations; rooms starting astatine $145).

In the Jaavu Spa astatine the Amilla Maldives Resort, the four-day Pause menopause retreat is offered 3 times successful September. Led by Claire O’Sullivan, a women’s wellness and nutrition coach, this retreat is structured astir 4 themes — balance, move, unbend and evolve. In summation to one-on-one coaching, the retreat includes treatments specified arsenic reflexology and airy therapy. There are yoga and meditation sessions, and seminars connected intuitive movement, accent simplification and hormone balancing ($5,915, including room, meals and treatments).

Indagare’s Wise Women retreat astatine Canyon Ranch Berkshires successful Lenox, Mass., is the company’s archetypal to absorption connected midlife and menopause. The five-day retreat, from Oct. 29 to Nov. 2, volition beryllium hosted by Dr. Robin Noble, an OB-GYN, specializing successful the menopausal transition. There volition beryllium backstage consultations and regular radical sessions addressing the interaction of hormonal shifts connected sleep, mood, bony and bosom health, metabolism, fittingness and intersexual activity. Each morning, guests person the enactment to take among Canyon Ranch’s offerings, specified arsenic yoga, hiking, meditation and spa treatments; afternoons and evenings are reserved for cooking classes and workshops connected topics specified arsenic however to go your ain wellness advocate, optimizing intersexual relation and strategies for navigating life’s shifting roles (starting astatine $4,500, including room, meals and activities).

The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa, successful Fairfield, Iowa, offers a Menopause Program utilizing ayurvedic treatments. A five-day program, offered year-round, begins with a backstage wellness consultation, including an ayurvedic pulse appraisal from which a attraction program is created. Guests walk respective hours a time successful herbal assemblage treatments to reconstruct equilibrium and region impurities. There is clip for yoga and meditation, and personalized sessions with nonmigratory experts to show advancement and devise a take-home program to assistance support regular routines for nutrition, herbal therapies, yoga and meditation. The Raj offers the prime of eating astatine a array with different guests oregon eating unsocial (starting astatine $3,900, including room, meals and treatments).


Women instrumentality portion successful a partition yoga people arsenic portion of the Feisty Menopause retreat astatine the Lake Nona Wave Hotel successful Orlando, Fla. Credit...Feisty Menopause

Targeted astatine “active, performance-minded women successful and beyond the menopause transition,” the weekend-long Feisty Menopause retreat — from Nov. 16 to18 — volition instrumentality spot astatine the Lake Nona Wave Hotel successful Orlando, Fla. Led by a fittingness coach-trainer and an orthopedic surgeon, it volition invited 2 twelve women seeking to code the wellness and fittingness goals that displacement during menopause truthful they tin enactment progressive and debar injury. The gathering volition absorption connected exercise, strength-training and nutrition, and includes a afloat assemblage musculoskeletal investigation to look astatine question patterns and areas of weakness. Activities besides see suspension yoga, which is performed successful a cloth sling, absorption and barbell training, and adjacent clip for dancing (starting astatine $2,500, including accommodations and immoderate meals).

Les Margeurites is simply a five-day retreat based astatine a boutique edifice successful Alet-les-Bains successful southwestern France. The retreat is facilitated by a caregiver and a therapist, who are moving to alteration the communicative astir perimenopause and menopause — not conscionable the hormonal changes, but besides however they interaction women’s lives and relationships. Capped astatine six women, the retreat volition see workshops and coaching sessions, plant-based meals to physique estrogen, meditation, massage, tincture-making with an herbalist and yoga. Retreats volition beryllium held successful November, and successful April and September 2024 (starting astatine 1,350 British pounds, oregon astir $1,698, including country and meals).

In 2005, Paula Gallardo and Tania Smith co-founded Mamaheaven, a retreat for caller mothers. Fast guardant astir 20 years, and they are present moving Menoheaven, twice-yearly retreats successful October and May that stitchery up to 12 women astatine the Florence House, a Victorian inn 1 hr southbound of London. With a naturopath, nutritionist and yoga teacher starring discussions, the retreat aims to “destigmatize and demystify” the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. This three-day retreat includes sharing circles, integrated meals, healing massages, yoga, cold-water swimming and workshops that screen topics from accent and slumber to libido and brain-fog (starting astatine 550 British pounds, including country and meals).

The Preidlhof spa edifice successful South Tyrol, Italy, has a weeklong Menopause-Wellness retreat offered during the months of February, March, June and September. The programme includes 22 treatments — ranging from massages and acupuncture to heavy breathing and holistic coaching sessions. The retreat offers aesculapian wellness sessions, and spa treatments accompanied by real-time biofeedback and information investigation to measure biologic age. There are creation and dependable classes, wood bathing (a signifier of meditation successful nature) and galore outdoor trails adjacent (1,987 euros, not including country and meals; country and meals starting astatine 212 euros).

Camiral, a wellness edifice located an hr from Barcelona, volition connection its five-day Renew and Harmonize Retreat, successful March 2024. Each time focuses connected a theme: Reconnect highlights the body-mind connection; Energize focuses connected movement, strengthening and ways to alleviate menopausal symptoms; Nourish concentrates connected ways to nourish the assemblage to maximize bony density and cardiac health; Recover concentrates connected mindfulness and accent reduction; and Grow features treatments and a debrief with a nutritionist astir managing hormonal changes. The retreat is led by a fittingness specialist, a doc and a nutritionist, and includes treatments specified arsenic cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (starting astatine 2,128 euros, including country and meals).

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