Meta exploring plans for Twitter rival

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Meta logo shown connected  signageImage source, Reuters

By Shiona McCallum

Technology reporter

Meta, the genitor steadfast of Facebook and Instagram, is moving connected a standalone, text-based societal web app.

It could rival some Twitter and its decentralised competitor, Mastodon.

A spokesperson told the BBC: "We're exploring a standalone decentralized societal web for sharing substance updates.

"We judge there's an accidental for a abstracted abstraction wherever creators and nationalist figures tin stock timely updates astir their interests."

A Twitter-like app would let Meta to instrumentality vantage of the existent chaos astatine the Elon Musk-led company, wherever cost-cutting has been rampant.

Twitter has been struggling to clasp connected to its advertizing basal since Mr Musk's takeover of the level precocious past year.

Companies person pulled backmost spending pursuing Twitter's determination to reconstruct suspended accounts and merchandise a paid relationship verification which resulted successful scammers impersonating firms.

According to MoneyControl, the caller app is codenamed P92, and volition let users to log successful done their existing Instagram credentials.

Meta's app volition beryllium based connected a akin model to the 1 that powers Mastodon, a Twitter-like work which was launched successful 2016.

The caller app would beryllium decentralised - it cannot beryllium tally astatine the whim of a azygous entity, bought oregon sold.

Meta's plans travel astatine a clip erstwhile its biggest platform, Facebook, is struggling to pull the attraction of a younger audience.

It has besides heavy invested successful the metaverse, a virtual satellite wherever users interact and enactment - which has yet to travel to fruition.

Its video-sharing app, Instagram, is besides facing stiff contention arsenic contented makers oregon deed influencers wantonness the level for TikTok.

It was not instantly wide erstwhile Meta would rotation retired the caller app.

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